Spirit of Eternity Sword 3 info and discussion

I've had time lately to get back into the Spirit of Eternity Sword series, with games like Aselia and Seinarukana. I was looking on twitter and came across an interesting Twitter account that seemed to have info about the 3rd Spirit of Eternity Sword game. It appears it is Naofumi Takase's personal Twitter who is the director of the new game according to Google Translate.

It leads to this website which seems to have a lot of new info about the next game in the series. It seems like it is featuring Euphoria as the main character and what appears to be a new cast of Eternals. Temorin is one of them which is a familiar face, and there is another member of the Kurahashi family on the character page.

I was curious if anyone here had any info or knows more about what this is. As a fan of the series, I have the 1st 2 games to occupy me for awhile still, but at the same time, I am curious and thirsty for more info. Such as when this game will be released, and if there's a chance of JAST localizing it like the previous titles. I think @sanahtlig had info from before about the 3rd game in the series, I'm also curious what input you might have on this?
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