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  • For clarification's sake: The girl Shiki is eyeing is Junsui Nakagawa.
  • It was pretty clear. Glad to see that I wrote a character that was worthy of being the first one mentioned. It seems I've created something of a school idol. :o I must say, I'm really looking forward to this. It has been some time since I last had the opportunity to properly RP a female character.
  • I apologize for the double post, but I have an important question to ask that will help my writing, and most likely the writing of other people later on. The question is, whereabouts in Japan is our school located? The reason I ask right now is that I need to know what kind of flowers and such my character is able to grow in her garden due to the climate of the area. Once I know, I should be able to finish up writing my bit of story and post it.
  • My knowledge of Japanese culture is limited to what little I've sponged from anime and games. Feel free to inject a little cultural authenicity into the story. Since you're the first to mention it, you can decide.
  • And when you do, please provide a link to the page or pages you use to determine the appropriate detail - so we all have access and may remain on the "same page", is it were.
  • I'm open to suggestions, especially since I haven't actually been to Japan yet. Obviously, it can't really be in an extremely urban area like the heart of Tokyo, as there wouldn't be room for a property like where my character's house is due to the size of the garden. Another consideration is that the location should be somewhere that doesn't fall in to the area where the Kansai dialect family of Japanese are spoken, as my detail of "Due to her grandmother being from Kyoto, she slips in to speaking Kansai-ben at times" would be rendered moot. For a map of the distribution of dialects in Japan, look here. Lastly, looking at all the species of flowers I mention in my character post, the most ideal location looks to be a part of Japan that classifies as a hardiness zone 8. For a map of hardiness zones in Japan, look here. Given all of these factors, I'm thinking that possibly the best location would be somewhere in Ibaraki prefecture. Almost the entire prefecture classifies as zone 8, it is in the Kanto area, and is only slightly effected by the Greater Tokyo region (the Wikipedia article states the population is modestly increasing because of it).

    Edit: Given that there are only two shrines of note in Ibaraki as far as I have been able to find, we should probably create a fictional town within the prefecture. The one shrine which looks as if it might have miko (anyone know for sure?) is Kashima shrine, and that looks to be in one of the few areas that isn't hardiness zone 8.

    Edit 2: On second thought, maybe we should just create our own little fictional island, like a few games I can think of off the top of my head.
  • Most (=all) H-games are set in an imaginary, bullshit version of Japan, so why not this game,too? After all, we've got cat girls and other sorts of dubious characters here. But I took a look around Ibaraki on Google Earth, and it seems a nice place. Lots of forests and lakes and little towns. Up north are mountains, and there's all that coast line: great for surfers and sea monsters. So why not use use it? More importantly, tho, I think we need a chart of the seating arraingement in class 12-A and a map of the school. And what's the name of this town?
  • bamboo wrote:
    Most (=all) H-games are set in an imaginary, bullshit version of Japan, so why not this game,too?

    BBSW put it best. :wink:
    The Hentai Earth is an alternate universe - actually, an alternate Japan surrounded by a probability bubble. Everything seems normal at a glance... but it isn't.
    All the girls have big breasts and thin waists, and every other woman is actually a man. Gangs of school boys stalk and attack cute girls. Crossdressing is so common it's not even considered odd anymore. Secret cults of ninja, magicians, psychics, and lord knows what else lurk in every alley. And everybody thinks about sex 24 hours of the day.
    Some say it's heaven.
  • Some say it's heaven.

    I have a link to that site somewhere, though I never got around to trying the system out.

    I say we mix the two - we call it Ibaraki, but don't sweat the details beyond that. We need it to have X or Y? Then it does ... so long as nobody does anything absolutely ludicrous - like claiming Godzilla lives down the street - it shouldn't pose a real problem.
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    I agree, we shouldn't worry about having a completely authentic setting. It just needs to be self-consistent. If you want to introduce some authenticity, feel free to do so, but establish it inside the story, and don't expect others to know details that aren't in the story itself. I'd like to keep this casual enough that anyone interested could hop right in if they wanted. I'm going more for a fun game than a tightly written narrative.

    A seating arrangement isn't a bad start. I can whip up something for that in Excel real quick.


    Give me your character name and cell # and I'll add it in. Feel free to add to the map and repost it as new areas areas are introduced, if you're interested in building design. ;-)
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  • Dark_Shiki. Can you put me in seat 7G. My characters name are Talimew. Thank you.
  • Shiki, given that you have already said "She sat down without a word at the back of the classroom, a few desks over from him.", I guess that Junsui is located at E or F of row seven. I'm fine with 7E, but if someone is just dying to have that seat, I'm fine with 7F.
  • It sound interesting hope it last for awhile.

    What would your character be like? Describe two possibilities: one for each gender.

    Is it necessary for two possibilities. I probably could just make one and from what I read I saw no restrictions. Is there?

    Any secondary characters introduced are "public property".

    Meaning the other character would be used for just about anything.
  • Actually, as I understand it, "secondary character" refers to characters other than ones that you can play as in the game. For example, if I were to mention a character with the nickname of "Kitsune" that wasn't created in the character thread, that character is open for everyone to use. An example of secondary characters already introduced to the game would be the girls who are inanely chattering that Shiki mentions he doesn't like in the first post.
  • Kimuzukashii MEIJI pretty much nailed what I meant.

    I'd prefer if you posted both characters, even if you don't plan to use one. In a game about romance, it's just too easy to write your own romantic subplot and ignore everyone else. The 2 character requirement helps avoid that. This is a game more than a story. The idea is more to interact than to write something incredibly poignant.

    By the way, I'm probably not going to have time to post til tomorrow. Feel free to move the story forward in the meantime.
  • With regards to my latest post, I suggest joining or being otherwise roped in somehow. Feel free to exercise creative license.
  • Hmmm, I suppose I can take my cue from CRC, and have my character join in after a few meetings of the club have already occurred. Even then, just like a few of the girls in the game, Junsui won't always be there. However, because of this, any character who decides to interact with her may get dragged along to her other club activities. Mahjong and Naginata should be fairly easy for me to describe, having done them (though Naginata for me only lasted a few lessons before I had to stop because of a schedule conflict). Kyudo and tea ceremony I might be able to pull off through a combination of educated guess work and research, with tea ceremony being slightly easier since I've watched it many times (there is a demonstration of it every year at the local Sakura Matsuri at which I volunteer). I imagine that the hardest club activity of my character for me to describe would be Ikebana, as I know next to nothing about the process, only the end result.
  • Casual Romance Club? Brilliant!! The girls (except for Yuki) in the Sewing Club are NPCs, of course, so if the CRC wants to recruit them, I say "Gambatte!"
  • “Well,” Yuki replied, “they are over eighteen, of course, as are we all. But they look and act a lot younger.”

    Damn it, I was waiting for a chance to make that joke.
  • I gonna have to set Tsukina-san free. I'm not very good at playing a female. So if someone wanna take over her character or use her as an NPC, be my guest. If you don't like her personality, feel free to change it.
  • If you don't mind my slight meddling bamboo, I have a few corrections to the Japanese you have been using since I am a student of the language. First, the particle you are looking for when the character said "Uso-o", is よ (yo), not を (wo, which is written as "o" when using Hepburn romanization). Use of the particle を indicates that the word or clause preceding it is a direct object effected by a verb. For example, if you were to say, "Would you like to eat a bagel?", the word "bagel" is the direct object effected by the verb "eat". The particle よ on the other hand, is often used to place emphasis on what is said. (There is more to this particle but I'm only going to talk about the way it is used in this instance.)
    Second, the characters for "yuri" are 百 and 合, not 百 and 族. The second character generally means "fit, suit, join", as in fit together or join together. (The suit meaning is along the lines of saying "That hat suits you." to someone.)
    Third, in regards to the character saying "Eto-o", adding the particle よ to that interjection sounds really odd. Also, "eto" needs to have either a long E, or the consonant needs to be doubled when the word is romanized, depending on how the character said the word. (Personally, when I use the word when speaking Japanese, I use the doubled consonant pronunciation, but apparently the long E pronunciation is more common.)
    Lastly, the word "So" in the character's sentence "So desu ne." has a long O sound.
  • Kimuzukashii: Thanks for your comments on my (mis)use of Japanese in my stories; it’s news I can use. I appreciate your guidance. It is my belief that using a few Japanese expressions in the girl’s speeches adds some necessary color to the story, you know? But there’s always the danger of overdoing it. I’m really sorry I got the kanji for yuri wrong; it spoils that joke a little, doesn’t it? Actually, I got my information from the cover of an old Nikkatsu video called “Lesbians in Sailor Suits,” which uses the ‘tribe’ kanji, instead of the ‘to join’ one. How embarrassing to be led astray by an old porn movie. By the by, my concept for the Twins is that, while the other girls used Japanese expressions occasionally, their dialogue is always in Japanese. That probably limits how much dialogue I’ll be able to give them, so if anyone else wants to write about them, don’t feel obliged to do the same (unless you know what you’re doing, of course).

    Dark Shiki: Well, it was just too good a joke to pass up. Gomenasai!

    I’ve been on a creative high ever since this Project Sakura started, but I’m starting to come down, so it might be awhile before I post another story. Altho, I hope not too long.
  • I know enough about Japanese to see what MEIJI is saying, but it seemed to me that bamboo was imitating exaggerated expressions used in anime, not proper phonetic Japanese. What his characters were doing was the Japanese equivalent of saying "Helloooooo" in English. Sure, it's not grammatically correct (and it sounds silly), but if I know my anime, it's done in Japanese speech occasionally.
  • Dark_Shiki wrote:
    My knowledge of Japanese culture is limited to what little I've sponged from anime and games. Feel free to inject a little cultural authenticity into the story.

    Does this count :lol: :wink: ?
  • I based my latest post off this quote:
    “We shall.” he said and drew his sword which cause the woman to blink.
    “You had that with you the whole time.”
    “I have. One thing no out of bounds.” he said

    Thus during the second fight, he was using the sword he carried with him, and Miwa realized this during the fight.

    By the way, I'm going to clarify how the sword works. It has an illusion spell cast on it that causes those not aware of the sword to overlook it. If the onlooker has seen him draw it before, OR they're specifically looking for it, they'll see it. So if word gets around that Brant carries a sword, he's screwed. Likewise, it has physical existence, even if the onlooker doesn't notice it.

    In this case, I'm going to say no one other than Miwa was paying close enough attention to realize he didn't pick up a realistic-looking replica that was just lying around the dojo. As they still believe in the illusion (that he's not carrying a sword), it isn't broken...yet.
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