Shiny Days- Kazuha & Futaba Twins Ending

Does anyone have a solution to avoid this ending?

I seem to be having problem getting past this ending. That knucklehead keeps sleeping with them.
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  • This ending is where they seduce Makoto.
    Is there a way to avoid this ending?

  • Well, try to be nice with Setsuna ?

  • Im getting the feeling that depending how full the Setsuna meter is, it will determine what ending I can get and which BadEnds I can avoid like the twins.

  • Scratch thats... I cant tell if its the Setsuna bar or the million of choices thats need to be align.

    Blind runs gives me sometimes the twins and sometimes not.

  • It feels that the choices you make in this game are totally moot and most of the time unreasonable when you get a totally opposite end.
    The Ends are a contrast to what you were aiming for. Does SchoolDays feels like that?

  • IIRC you get the twins end if you answer "going out" and then "Radish" when Makoto meets them on his way back from his Dad's house. Not sure if there are any other requirements. If you don't get that ending and your Setsuna love points aren't high enough, I think you get the Karen & Otome end - at least that's what kept happening to me.


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