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We'd like to start a thread about what games people would like to see us consider in the future. Of course we're not magic and localization is hard work, but if there is enough interest in something we'll take a stab at making it available to you.

So, what kinds of games would you like to see us release in the coming years?

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  • 1. Yumina the Ethereal "Forever Dreams" Fandisc -- This is easily the number one thing on my wishlist. I freaking loved the original game, so wanting the fandisc is a no-brainer. Just throwing this out there, but this is also a case where it might be worth re-releasing the original game along with it in a limited edition. Yes, that's partially the fanboy in me talking, but on a less positive note, the original physical edition of Yumina was extremely buggy (it required about five patches within 3 months, if memory serves). A release of the fandisc could also be a good opportunity to release a more finished, flawless package edition for the original. If you throw in a soundtrack, I'll throw dollar bills at you like confetti. LOL

    2. The "Monster Girl Quest" Games -- Right now, pirated editions of this are selling at a pretty fast clip on eBay. The success of the manga Monster Musume shows that there's a certain amount of popular appetite for this genre right now, so I'd say go ahead and cash in on that if you think it looks promising.

    3. Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer -- This is a Nitroplus title, so you already have a bit of an "in" there...

    4. Anything funny. Heartwarming is great, as is action-packed, as is sexy, but nothing pulls me in like the promise of a story that will make me crack up time after time.

    I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

  • I'm hoping for more gameplay titles.

    1. Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona: Sequel to Yumina the Ethereal and Eternal's latest title.

    2. Any Eushully title (the Ikusa Megami series is especially good)

    3. Venus Blood series: tentacle ero + strong gameplay + strong plot.  Developed by Ninetail / Dualtail.

    I'm a huge fan of Overflow's School Day series but other than Cross Days there's nothing left to localize.  On top of that, there's barely any other developers of interactive movies, much less ones that are as immersive as the School Days series.

  • To add to my last post, I guess what I'm looking for is VNs with a high degree of interactivity.  That might come through gameplay or a highly branching narrative that depends on your choices.  Elf's Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2 is a good example of an effective highly branching narrative, though it's getting a bit old.

  • Dark_Shiki, we totally love to get gameplay titles when we can. I trust you've been playing Littlewitch Romanesque? It's got among the best gameplay of any titles we've seen, outside of straight RPG like titles.

  • I have played Littlewitch Romanesque.  I agree it's one of the best gameplay eroge officially released in English, alongside Yumina the Ethereal.  I played through Seinarukana in Japanese a few years back but I'm also looking forward to a second playthrough in English.  I admit I'm not uninterested in Raidy III either.

  • NickNick JAST USA

    @Dark_Shiki LWR is pretty fun, I agree. Raidy III is looking to be pretty sweet as well. We're currently determining what we'll be adding the to the limited edition package version.

  • I've seen some Raidy doujinshis floating around.  As they show off one of the series' best assets (its art), I think they'd make strong candidates for LE items (physical or digital format).

  • How about more tearjerkers like Kana or, conversely, more witchcraft and sex. I also like teacher-student orgies and tentacles. You got any tentacle eroge?

  • @Bamboo, good suggestions. Having just come off of mastering the Kana re-make, I'd love more games of that quality. Having to play-test Kana 25 times to test the scripts was not easy to do with dry eyes...

  • Traps. Not really yaoi, just traps.

    More games that have a similar length to Saya No Uta. As I've gotten older, I have less time to spend goofing around. Short games are something I can appreciate a lot more now than when I was, say, 20 and had 3 or 4 days off a week sometimes to do whatever. I'm in my 30s now and I work upwards of 55 hours a week sometimes. Doesn't leave much time for games, and I always become hesitant to start a long game because I never know if I'll be able to finish.


  • I'll second BillyBob on the "short games" request, for similar reasons. I certainly don't mind playing through the occasional long game, especially if it's pretty obviously high-quality (ex. Littlewitch), but I always approach them with a bit of trepidation because it's a big time commitment when there isn't always a lot of that (time) to go around. It's nice to have the option of playing through a shorter story told well. Given its comparatively low price, will Hanachirasu fit into that "shorter game" niche, maybe?

    With that said, I definitely wouldn't be a fan of getting on board the "5 minute crap nukige" bus. MangaGamer has been bringing over a lot of games like Royal Guard Melissa and Hypno-Training My Mother and Sister* lately, but that's a monopoly they can keep as far as I'm concerned. Quality over quantity! (*P.S. Hopefully I didn't just insult someone's favorite game... different strokes for different folks.)

    Also, BillyBob, while you're waiting for traps, attached is some classic double-trap-tendre to tide you over.
  • Yeah, those aren't my favorite either.  But to be fair to MG, that company came to them and said "we want in, please release our stuff".  Considering that just getting companies to talk to us is often the hardest part, I can't really blame them for saying "well okay, sure".  Besides, there's enough room in the market for a few released of that type.

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure Hanachirasu's fairly short.  Not just because of the price, but because the whole point behind the Hanachirasu / Saya no Uta bundle that Jast originally wanted to do was they were both shorter games.  But it doesn't really matter to me - after my experiences with the rest of Nitroplus' catalog, I am interested in anything they put out.  (Like I said a few posts up - Gekkou no Carnevale nao pls kthnxbye)

    As for traps, I'm not sure there's ever been a English release for a game with a trap winnable character before.  Not really any futa either.  I know there's a reverse trap (in Hinata Bokko), and there was a futa or something in a really old game called Time Stripper Mako.  So I'll go ahead and +1 that suggestion just because we haven't seen either of those before really.
  • Also, it is really quite nice that you can actually markup text using ctrl-combos.  Ctrl-K will even open up the link dialog!  As much as there's a lack of feature parity with the old forum, that is super nice. 
  • Clickable links where art thou...?

  • Nice to see a few familiar faces around here. :)

    Actually, I forgot to add those links as clickable ones... sorry about that.
    It doesn't hinder checking out the vndb entries though.
    What do you think about these titles, Dark_Shiki?

  • I looked at the links before but I can't remember them well enough to comment (hint, hint).

  • *sigh* I get you. ^-^''

    I was talking about those two categories of games, you know.

    The one with gameplay value:

    and the ones with great artwork/intriguing background:

    Is that better? :P
    Jokes aside, what do you think about these titles and their respective genres, would they be a good choice?
    I don't know what exactly Jast USA is looking for, after all.

  • Marunomi: Loli doujin.  Doujin titles often present legal issues, and the low production values make it a harder sell for the same amount of work (i.e., translation).  And JAST steers clear of loli.  This title wouldn't work.

    Men at Work: While this title has aged too much to be a real option at this point, Debonosu has a catalogue of similar titles with excellent art and fairly solid gameplay.  Their writing tends to be pretty weak though, which is why EGS scores for their games don't typically break 70.  Their Kagura series dungeon crawlers would be popular among the Raidy crowd (defeat rape galore).

    Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon: The mix of professional HCGs with 8-bit sprites and CGs is a bit off-putting.  While the art is inconsistent, the concept seems interesting.  But since art is a selling point for these games, this would be a tough sell.

    Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo: Possibly one of the best nukige I've ever played.  With animated, very potent H-scenes that second as character development, this game blurs the lines between porn and art.  As a nukige, I really can't recommend this more.  This is the sort of "best in class" title that JAST would do well to seek out.

    Mirai Nostalgia: Fairly standard art.  Can't really tell much from the VNDB premise.  The good VNDB scores suggest it might be worthwhile?  Can't say much more than that.

    Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!: It's certainly popular enough.  JAST is known for hijacking fan translations in progress, so it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility.  Haven't played it myself.

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  • No telling if this is legit, but someone claiming to be Peter Payne posted on VNDB today looking to contact the translators working on MajiKoi.  This happened a day after animeloverxX93's post.  Coincidence?

  • What the heck?
    Probably not, but my word shouldn't have that much weight, you know.
    It's not like people necessarily like what I do, after all, but I certainly won't complain. :)
    If Jast USA really decides to translate Majikoi, it would be best to have fantranslations to a degree, this game is so long, I guess it could be of use to them, right?
    But, according to this thread, who knows how good/bad the translation actually was, people at VNDB didn't seem to be that thrilled about it.

    I like that Mr. Payne taking the initiative, now I feel a bit bad about randomly spouting my future wishes here, being like ''Yo, I want this and this and this.''. ^-^''
    But I'm babbling too much.

    Wait, Dark_Shiki, I have a question.
    If you say that you've played Marunomi, what do you think about this title here then?

    Hoshoku Game 2 ~Sayonara, Marunomi~

    It's the second installment of the franchise, but it's not that important, if you ask me.
    Seems like a rip-off of the Marunomi from Bakery I was initially referring to.
    This is not in relation to Jast USA and my wishes for future translations, but out of curiousity: Do you think if the loli aspect isn't present, would this appeal to a broader audience?
    Because, I personally have no problem at all with lolis, and even like to play some of them, if they are just in 2D and obviously of fictional nature (so, no 3D stuff or ''naughty'' loli-type of games), and I don't even see any difference between ''loli'' and ''pettanko'' they are practially the same to me, am I missing something? :/

  • animeloverxX93: Props for bringing in several specific suggestions! Haha, the premise behind that Marunomi game is both very funny and kind of messed-up. A monster prowling the streets seeking loli-pops... Yikes! I personally wouldn't be too crazy about that one, and (as DarkShiki said) "Men at Work" is probably a bit too out of date by now, but most of the others you posted look great. After looking at the VNDB pages, I would be especially interested in Bishoujo Mangekyou Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo and in Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon. The art on the former is just gorgeous(!), and it probably wouldn't take long to localize due to its short runtime. For the latter (well, for both), I dig anything with heavy horror or supernatural themes, and I agree that Corpse Party probably made the localization and marketing of such a game easier just because people are familiar with that genre now.

    Speaking of bouncing off existing titles, I'm not nearly as familiar with the vast sea of untranslated games as you guys, but I do have one more specific acquisition suggestion: Yosuga no Sora - In Solitude, Where We are Least Alone. The artwork looks really nice, and I've heard good things about the character chemistry being good enough to make the incestuous main arc fairly palatable even for those not normally okay with such themes. MediaBlasters is releasing its anime this spring, so that might help make marketing the visual novel a little easier. Also, an English patch is at least partially underway, so that might also speed things a little. Just throwing that one out there!
  • @jacksprat1 Oh, such nice words, that's nice to hear, thank you. ^-^

    About Marunomi, that is exactly what makes this gameso awesome: it mixes two very bizarre themes, namely, loli and vore. I like loli stuff, but vore... no way. The only vore games I ever played were Marunomi and Hanakanmuri circle, and both are exquisite games, but not because of these genres.
    In Marunomi's case, it serves the fetish (the people being into loli) while irritating the player with it's content (monster chasing students through a high-school, with vore elements), meaning that, once they try out the battle system, which they will most likely like, since it's well-executed, they will instantly afterwards see a mild vore scene were a character gets swallowed and afterwards gets her clothing melted. That's it, no bones or any other stuff, that would creepy me out. It seems more like fanservice, and even though it contains loli elements as well, the player is always aware of this being a surreal scenario due to the high amount of bizarre content, thanks to the vore.
    In theory, this is a solid plan for making a profitable game, the only question is, how to make people play this. If enough people play it, they will most likely like it, but try to animate them to do so... tried that with a few friends of mine and some of them surprisingly started with games like Monster Girl Quest first, but some of them were also eventually interested in Marunomi, too.
    It's just a matter of marketing in the end, I guess. :/

    Regarding Men at Work, it was just an example, I didn't necessarily wanted exactly that title to be officially translated, but ''games like that'', same style, similar character design, similar battle system etc..
    To be honest, Marunomi is as of now still my personal priority, but Bishoujo Mangekyou Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo and Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon would come right after.

    Bishoujo Mangekyou Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo seems to be some sort of series though, so I hope it doesn't distract from immersion if one chapter comes to an abrupt halt and the game doesn't sell well enough to justify translating the following chapter.
    Now that would be sad. :(

    I'm not new in this genre, but haven't played these games for years, aside from Littlewitch Romanesque as of recent, so I can't say what is about to be released.
    I know that a sequel to Utawarerumono has been announced though.

    Utawarerumono 2

    I simplyloved the first installment.
    Wished I had a harcopy of the English version.

    Haven't heard of ''
    Yosuga no Sora - In Solitude, Where We are Least Alone.'' yet, but the art isn't really that striking in my opinion. Not bad, but I don't really like the artstyle, though I've seen much worse.
    I'm surprised it has a German translation, maybe I should give it a try.

    Come ti think of it, there are so many great games out there... darn, I wished I could list them all, but I would spam otherwise like no one else. ^-^''

  • Regarding Hoshoku Game 2 ~Sayonara, Marunomi~, one of Marunomi's selling points was the backstory slowly revealed as the game progresses.  As this game is rated "very short (<2 hrs)" on VNDB, I doubt there's more to it than a string of "fight heroine, then H-scene" encounters.

    "Swallowing" is a very specific fetish that greatly limits the reach of such a title from the get-go.  There's no such thing as a "broader audience" for such games.  As a consequence, such games typically have very low production values, which further limits their appeal.  Furthermore, JAST doesn't release many low-budget / low price nukige these days, for whatever reason.  Mangagamer seems more interested in those type of titles.  DLsite has such titles in abundance, though usually their translations are...about as low budget and of suspect quality as the games they host.

    I'm actually a fan of loli / pettanko (particularly the imouto trope), but we're in the midst of a global "protect the children" hysteria that makes this fictional interest problematic both legally and socially.  Pettanko is a body type; in many cases this doesn't present a barrier to localization.  The lolicon fetish focuses on children as sexual objects; games with such content are off-limits for localization.  JAST localized the non-version of Aselia the Eternal a few years ago, and a primary reason they didn't touch the ero-version is the loli content.  I was very unhappy with this decision.  Littlewitch Romanesque seems to be a special case that got through because the girls pass for teens at first glance, and the game has significant non-sexual artistic value that would allow it to pass the Miller Test unambiguously.  There's no telling what will happen with Kokoro from Shiny Days; there's certainly a credible threat that her scenes could end up censored.

    I've played Yosuga no Sora.  It's a mixed bag.  Sora's route was fittingly gripping and dramatic, but the relationship between Haruka and Sora developed in Sora's route is the game's primary strength.  Otherwise, the game is a fairly mediocre moege with nice art.  This is a game you play for the incest, or not at all.

  • Well, Marunomi didn't really had much of a story in my opinion, though it definitely wasn't the ''loss, defeat, rape'' type of game. I have to admit, I didn't get the true ending, but I know what you mean by the emphasis this game also had. Nevertheless, Marunomi's main selling point is still it's gameplay system. The story is something I honestly didn't really care about when playing it, nor the CG's.
    Hearing what this other game is like, it sure sounds dull, in comparison.

    Why not?
    I'm pretty sure a broader audience can be achieved, but nothing that can be done within the Visual Novel genre, but our society. Pointing at something in hostility and badmouthing it, yet having no clue what this genre is actually about is despicable, and I despise people for that way of thinking. Not because we don't think alike, but because others jumping to conclusions, blindly assuming things, accusing you of being who-knows-what and then not even questioning the actual thing. I just can't stand these kinds of statements, nor the people that make them qithout atleast questioning themselves afterwards. :/
    By the way, now where we are at it, I voted for Marunomi at their survey, but I doubt many more people will have included it, if any.
    I'm anticipating the blogpost with the survey results, I so wished a publisher would finally go down that route and bring more risky titles, like Marunomi. :)
    I heard that Mangagamer is less likely to pick up a title that already has a fantranslation, will Jast USA does, but usually tends to not pick up these kinds of games, so there isn't really a clear alternative in my case, unfortunately.
    Maybe I should simply import the Japanese version... but then again, I hope I don't have to pick it up from the customs and justify my purchase. ^-^''
    I've never bought from DLsite, since I only buy hardcopy versions.
    Most of their stuff just seems to serve your daily fapping needs, to put it bluntly.
    For example, I believe they have a lot of softhouse-seal Eroge, but it has been ages when I checked out their catalogue the last time.
    Either a hardcopy version, or nothing in my case.

    People are just idiots.
    A drawing isn't a child, and doesn't reflect a child. Someone mentioned in a thread at Mangagamer's forums a heavily loli-related Eroge called ''Yuzuminatsu'', or something like that.
    Like I said, no problem with loli porn as long as it's just anime-related and in 2D, but in this case... the whole scenario was just messed up.
    I believe one of the screenshots at VNDB even showed a playground as a background... no, no no nope.
    I have to admit, the artwork was great, but the whole scenario... well, even the artwork, while being of high-quality, triggered a sense of uneasiness on me. If something like that ever gets localized in English, just heavily censored, or (and I would actually prefer that), not being localized at all, and that says someone who is totally against censorship.
    Why would I want to pay the same price for ''less'' content, after all?

    Regarding Littlewitch Romanesque, I thought at first they were around 10 years old, or so. To be honest, their approximately age span is quite obvious, in my opinion.
    I bought it because I love the art style, and the dice system seemed neat, too (and I haven't been disappointed in my purchase).
    The biggest indicator for me making that purchase was Oyari Ashito's artwork. It catches cutesy altogether with ''beauty'' just perfectly, I'm really fond of this aquarell-type of style, too.
    He was also in charge of the artwork for the Princess Maker franchise, which I also happen to own a few games, and an artbook.
    I liked Littlewitch Romanesque even so much, that I bought the limited edition of the Japanese PS2 release in still sealed condition, and I'm proud for having this.
    I told my mom about this whole loli-stuff (she's actually relatively open about this), and when I showed her the cover, it reminded her of Harry Potter.
    I was looking like crazy, but there aren't any pictures of the front sover of the PS2 version, just the ''regular'' one of the limited edition sheeth.
    Oh well... the front cover has the characters drawn very small, barely visible to the human eye to separate them from each other, and they are in this gigantic tower made of stone... looks pretty atmospheric-dense, if you ask me.

    I lost track of things after writing half of this comment and looking for half an hour for a good pic for the front cover, welp.
    Well, loli, pettanko... I just like flatchests. If something is loli in regards to anime, I don't care the slightest bit about it, because it's the same thing as a pettanko - a drawing with flat-chested proportions.
    If people can fap to that, why not, but the broad mass is just too shallow-minded, it seems.

    Nah, if a game has something positive about it, it's a positive game, if the rest doesn't suck.
    I'm open-minded about that, doesn't seem to be that bad of a game.
    I also like the idea of an official translation of Irotoridori no Sekai or Ore wa tsure de Hitodenashi.

    By the way, I didn't know about this, but since Littlewitch Romanesque succeeded that greatly, how about this here?
    Just noticed it when looking for pictures of the front cover of the PS2 version.


    I like the humorous context in the screenshots, that's also what I like about the artstyle, it's so light-hearted. ^-^

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