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  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
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    Hm, that Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo game sounds really nifty.  I'll go ahead and +1 that one.

    I'll also suggest Kyounyuu Fantasy (as that also has a nukige-with-good-story reputation).
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    Hmm, to me in regards to what others recommended, Gekkou no Carnevale, If my heart had wings, the Monster Girl Quest series  and maybe the Venus Blood series and maybe(though I'm not a fan of the artstyle, gameplay looks decent enough).

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    While randomly browsing VNBD, I found this here.

    This here seems quite interesting, seeing as Littlewitch Romanesque sold pretty well, from what I can tell.
    It might be a fandisc (and no, not the one already included in Littlewitch Romanesque), but it seems to be some sort of crossover between other titles Oyari Ashito, the one in charge for the artwork, has been working on. Since it appealed to so many people due to the art, this fandisc could introduce people to the other franchises mentioned in this fandisc, making people curious about the other characters, which in the long end could result in them being interested in further installments of this specific franchise, ensuring it will be a good sell.

    Also, maybe this here could be a nice catch as well.
    A simulation-type of game, with nelatively nice art and pleasant atmosphere, from what I can tell from the screenshots.
    Character diversity seems also to be present, and it also has multiple endings. Not sure how heavily it relies on gameplay though. The first impression suggests it to be interesting due to the simulation aspect, this is of course just my opinion.

    Both games received a relatively good score, more then 7.50.
    Thoguhts, opinions, impressions?
    I really don't want to spam around, but since I started browsing VNDB and being more active there, I found a lot of titles that caught my interest.
    Maybe, the artwork just looks great in my opinion with certain titles because I most played by now outdated games, so there is that.

    Oh well, just thought I would bring it up (yet again).

  • PeterPaynePeterPayne JAST USA Lurker
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    Many good suggestions, everyone.

    @animeloverxX93, it's my understanding that the perfect edition of Littlewitch Romanesque has the fandisc content already in it, so "all" material for that game is in our version, incliding at least one new route made just for it. I think a lot of the harem stuff is from the fandisc.

    I'd love to see other games by Oyari-san in the future. I wonder if we'll get the chance.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    "Also, maybe this here could be a nice catch as well.

    A simulation-type of game, with nelatively nice art and pleasant atmosphere, from what I can tell from the screenshots.
    Character diversity seems also to be present, and it also has multiple endings. Not sure how heavily it relies on gameplay though. The first impression suggests it to be interesting due to the simulation aspect, this is of course just my opinion."

    That's Softhouse Chara's newest game.  SHC's games are highly gameplay-focused, with highly elaborate gameplay systems.  Their systems are typically more elaborate than Littlewitch Romanesque.  Each new title uses its own unique system.  I find their games very hit-and-miss.  Some like Wizards's Climber are awesome.  Others like Mon o Mamoru Shigoto really tried my patience.  I haven't Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri yet, but it's on my priority list of games to play in the next year or so.  It's rated ~70 on EGS, which is fairly average for SHC.

    SHC games are heavy on gameplay and light on story.  They're typically short with an emphasis on replayability with New Game + and sometimes progressively unlocking routes / endings.  There's often content that can't be cleared in a single playthrough, or even two playthroughs.  This pushes players to grow their stats and master the gameplay systems to achieve increasingly tougher goals.

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    @Peter Payne

    It is?
    I wasn't sure of that, and thought by ''fandisc'', you were referring to this fandisc of Littlewitch Romanesque.
    I have beaten the game multiple times now and haven't seen all the content seen in the screenshots. I just checked the extra section cursorily and haven't seen anything of the content of the first link of the fandisc I was referring to.
    Hmm, maybe I need to have 100% in everything, or play the extra content more thoroughly... well, atleast nobody of these other characters from the Littlewitch series made a came as of yet, but to anyone who has played it already through, feel free to correct me at this point, I'm not entirely sure myself now.


    Well, Littlewitch Romanesque also had the tendency to focus more on gameplay, instead of the story.
    The idea of doing multiple playthroughs sounds tempting, if it's executed well-enough.
    I just threw it in here... you said that you yourself consider it to be a hit-and-miss. Will you think this title will have more of a tendency to succeed?
    I checked out the two examples you named, Wizards Climber and Mon o Mamoru Shigoto.
    Wizards Climber looks pretty interesting, judging from the screenshots, while Mon o Mamoru Shigoto seems rather complex at first sight.
    I can't possibly know anything about these games, these are just my first impressions.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    I think Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri will be a game I'll like, but it'll have a significant flaw that will dampen my enthusiasm.  For example, I'll play through it once and be absolutely addicted, but will find that the replayability wasn't quite what I was hoping.

    I'm pretty picky though.  For example, Yumina the Ethereal disappointed me.  For such a highly rated game, it had significant flaws that impacted the story and the gameplay.  Despite this, my advice is that usually games are highly rated for a reason.  EGS rates Wizard's Climber at 85 with 900 votes.  EGS rates Akuma Musume no Kanban Ryouri at 70 with 37 votes (the game recently released so the vote count should increase over the next year).  I'm fairly confident based on this that Wizard's Climber is the better game.

    With SHC games, the concept is usually interesting.  It's the execution that varies.  With their games, newer isn't necessarily better.  I don't push the SHC brand as much these days because they're kind of inconsistent.  Whereas Eushully and Ninetail / Dualtail have a track record for consistent quality--pick any of their games at random and you'll likely find something you like.  Regardless, SHC games are unique and I'm sure they'd do very well in the West.  Even the lesser ones.  They'd be right at home on Steam.

  • Okabe007Okabe007 Lurker
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    Dies irae is also another visual novel that I see forgotten a lot - everytime I see it mentioned or see a screenshot, I can't help but wonder why it seems to be so highly rated. Hopefully this title can be translated sometime down the line...


  • Okabe007Okabe007 Lurker
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    Any chance we could see any of the Baldr universe titles get licensed from TEAM BALDRHEAD / Giga anytime soon?


  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    "Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de - a full 3D RPG-type game, looks like reception was mixed, but might make for an interesting title to look at"

    I played this a long long time ago.  It was...very forgettable.  As in, I can barely remember playing it.  It has a lot of comic dialogue, a story that didn't leave much of an impression on me, and a very standard turn-based battle system with random encounters.  "Generic JRPG" is the vague impression I'm left with.

  • Okabe007Okabe007 Lurker
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    @Dark_Shiki - Good to know I have one less game to worry about playing now :)


  • PeterPaynePeterPayne JAST USA Lurker
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    @Okabe007, we never had any luck with the Baldr company. They never replied to us when we contacted them in the past, which is a shame. Basically, whenever we reach out to a new company we know there's only a 10-20% chance of them showing interest, most of the time they don't want the drama or risk, or think silly things like "release a game in English? But I don't personally speak English" (as if that mattered). The fact that a lot of eroge companies are run by older men who are thinking of retiring and not interested in taking any risks is always a problem in this industry. 

    Another ongoing problem with games in general is that some titles have serious VA issues, e.g. the studios feel no qualms about shaking us down for huge amounts of money, to use the voices. Adult games are not such a problem, but some famous games and genres are terrible at this. This is why there are no otome games in English...

  • Okabe007Okabe007 Lurker
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    @Peter Payne -
    It's a shame about companies not wanting to expand into the English market though, as I'm sure many people would be willing to pay good money for stuff from the Baldr or Leaf/Aquaplus people.

    It seems like there is at least more of a willingness to do so recently though. Mind you the Grisaia Trilogy apparently required a ton of money raised through Kickstarter to meet its goal (VA costs were probably a main culprit), but Mangagamer is releasing Ozmafia (an Otome game) "soon" through 'traditional' methods. Maybe more people are willing to change their minds in Japan?

    Would JAST USA ever consider doing some form of crowdfunding like KS to be able to pay for those titles that are highly valued, but simply require too much money upfront for VA costs? Or is that simply out of the question?


  • PeterPaynePeterPayne JAST USA Lurker
    Posts: 129
    Possibly, though as we are usually adult, there's the usual "new form of distribution cock-blocks all 18+ content" issue. Running a suggests full KS is about as hard as translating a game, and several companies we work with would not be open to that kind of system because it makes them look unprofessional.
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     I personally would love to see Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! and its sequel. I think they would be a good fit and hopefully fiarly popular.

  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
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    yup i agree with that. and even if the first one already has or gets a full fan-tl patch, i think it would sell in the end for jast. its a very nice game bout friendship and widely known due to its related anime (though that one is shit) and it could be a good way to lure future buyers in, if jast would continue with the sequel or after that perhaps with "Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road" which is also freaking awesome.
    overall i would be very happy if jast would start working on such a series, instead of only single games, but in the end it comes down to minatosoft and what or what not can be achieved in the talks.
  • MidbossVyersMidbossVyers Lurker
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    Well, I don't suppose you could get Gore Screaming Show, could you?


  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    JAST approached Black Cyc in the past if I remember correctly.  I believe negotiations failed because Cyc would not / could not remove the mosaics.  Black Cyc isn't even making games anymore these days, so the window of opportunity may very well have vanished.

  • MidbossVyersMidbossVyers Lurker
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    Well, is Black Cyc still in business anymore?  If not, would they still have rights to stuff?


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    Hmm... Fault!! seems like it would be my cup of tea, but the rest doesn't really appeal to me.
    But that's of course just my own subjective opinion here. I'm relatively easy to please though, give me nice artwork and a not-too-shabby story (or good gameplay to compensate for the lack of story) and I will most likely buy a VN.
    Do you think Fault!! would be a title that would justify to be translated by Jast?
    I'm sorta hooked on this one, I like the style used for depicting the characters. :)

  • HyugaXHyugaX Lurker
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    @ animeloverxX93

    I think that Fault!! and any of the other titles I listed would be worth JAST's time.  All of them have great looking art (especially the H-scenes) and should sell very well.  With Sex Life and Boin the cover art should be enough to sell the game ;D


  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    I've played a little of Fault.  It's, well...typical generic moe high school comedy.  I played for a few hours and lost interest before I even got to an H-scene.  Despite that it has nice art, animated H-scenes, and a popular anime, so I'm sure it'd sell alright if JAST chose to work on it.  It fills a niche of sorts, although I'd rather JAST work on something like Jellyfish's Sisters over Fault.  Being an interactive movie, I think Sisters would deliver more of what those interested in Fault would be looking for.

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    @HyugaX Sex Life and Boin literally scream ''I have nothing to offer other than porn!'', if you would just take a look at the cover. I admit, this doesn't necessarily mean anything; Marunomi gives off the exact same impression and I was pleasantly surprised about it.
    I'm just picky about the art, and for these two titles, it's not that great in my opinion, though it also isn't bad.
    That's exactly what I meant: These titles for instance aren't my cup of tea and I don't like the artstyle, but others may interpret them differently, so in the end, opinions don't really mean much in general, as one can just come up with unclear conclusions and try to find out the demographic numbers by making assumptions.
    Not sure what to say here; opinions differ, so I can't say what Peter thinks of the titles you (or anyone else here) mentioned. :/

    @Dark_Shiki I actually have a thing for these. :D
    I don't like it to spent 30+ hours on a game with magnificent story, if a game with cute artwork and an entertaining, but not too special, plot serves the same purpose to me when experiencing a game.
    So therefore, I also would like to see it translated at a point; I've heard people claiming me and a friend agreeing with me that ''Irotoridori no Sekai'' would be a bad game and that it is ''just another uninteresting Moege''. But then again, for what it wants to be, does this make it necessarily a bad game?
    Maybe it's not ''generic'', but simply a genre on its own.
    That's not to say that ''unappealing characters'' and ''flat plot twists'' are entire genres, but the style developers use for these kinds of games might be considered as such.

    I checked out Jellyfish's Sisters and I don't really like it; neither the artstyle, nor the fact that it plays like an interactive movie.
    If I wanted to play an interactive movie, I... wouldn't even bother and simply watch a regular movie.
    Call me old-fashioned, but I like my VN's classical - not animated CG's and the feeling of actually playing and reading something at the same time.
    An interactive movie feels like ''watching a movie with additional choice selections''.

    Well, I personally would prefer Fault!! over Sisters, but that's just me here.

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