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  • shadowolf64shadowolf64 Lurker
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    Any chance we could see the 2013 remake of Family Project? Not sure how much translation it would take since you already have the original translated.

  • LippLipp Lurker
    Posts: 612

    Some Requests:

    Cross Days - Complete the series :) One of the more unique series in JASTs lineup
    Black CYC Titles - Considering the deal with Poison@Berry, I wouldn't mind seeing another try at Black Cyc or any other company under their banner. Mindead Blood and Gore Screaming Show in particular.
    Sexfriend - CodePink's first title and their most infamous given the h-ova. The OVA was also one of the first H-ova's I ever watched so I'd like to see the original game it was adapted from.
    X-Change Alternative 2 - If Crowd can be brought back on board then I'd like to see the X-change series continued


    LuckyDog1 - JASTUSA has already worked with the artist (who now runs her own studio) on Enzai and Absolute Obedience. Plus it's one of the better yaoi games.
    Nitro+Chiral titles - Most have already been translated but it'd be nice to get them done officially. Most of their titles have been updated for Windows 10 support too.
    Shingakkou - Stone Heads owns both CodePink and Pil/Slash (among other brands) and I'd like to see this brought over. One of the better yaoi titles.

  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    edited September 2016 Posts: 182

    @shadowolf64 : "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes" on purtier Family Project. ;)

    @Lipp: Great suggestions all around... I'm not personally knowledgeable about Gore Screaming Show, but I do remember many of the regulars on the old JAST forums were big fans. I feel like it would have a bit of a built-in cult following waiting for it, and that style of visual novel is likely a bit easier to localize than the gameplay-heavy stuff. I would also love seeing an X-Change continuation -- the first Yin Yang: X-Change Alternative is a favorite title of mine on the sillier, ecchi side of JAST's lineup.

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  • MidbossVyersMidbossVyers Lurker
    Posts: 54

    My ambitious suggestion would be Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena, but I can see the difficulty of localizing a mobage. My safe option would be Raidy 3.5. Jast is already doing the Raidy series, and from what I can see, it is a shorter game than the main games but IMO has better art.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 2,902

    I sincerely hope JAST doesn't get into free-to-play games. Leave that sad and ugly business to Nutaku. Also, MangaGamer is the company that's partnered with Lilith in the past.

  • NickNick JAST USA Barrel Haxor
    Posts: 136

    It's hard to comment on this thread without giving out hints. But it is safe to say that we're not planning to go into free-to-play (or pay-to-win) games.

  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
    edited September 2016 Posts: 25

    been awhile since the last suggestion of i, but here´s a new one:

    title is called Re-Lief, an upcoming work of studio Rask, to be released in around a month from now and frankly speaking quite the ambitious one. as far as writing goes, and what i can tell from reading its trial-version, so far things have been pretty solid, which is no wonder since one of its writers is earu, who also did a damn great job coming to the free-doujin cyber-rebeat. this paired with mochas most mesmerizing visuals should be more than enough to make ones brains melt whilst reading. since Re-Lief is the studios first attempt in anything commercial, i´m tempted to doubt they would start asking of unreasonable sums there, that is if they are willing to have their title getting licensed in the first place, but honestly, who is not these days as i cant think of that many.

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  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,836

    @Nicholas said:
    It's hard to comment on this thread without giving out hints. But it is safe to say that we're not planning to go into free-to-play (or pay-to-win) games.

    By all means, feel free to give hints. What could possibly go wrong? Why, a few years back, it took all of a few days for MangaGamer's hints to prematurely reveal games they hadn't even announced yet! Come on, what are you afraid of? We won't tell manyone ...

  • Wolfgang421Wolfgang421 Lurker
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    Chaos;head Dual, the Steins;gate spinoffs, Robotics;Note, Chaos;child, etc. PC would be most desirable, of course, but even just a translated Chaos;head dual for the vita would be great. Other sci-fi VNs would be cool, too. If you could do Tokyo Xanadu it would be good too, but I imagine Xseed is going to do that one, if anyone.

  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,836

    XSeed is releasing Xanadu Next in a week or two. Aksys is releasing Tokyo Xanadu sometime early next year. Also, Steins;Gate 0 is coming out in English for Vita in like a month.

  • Marcelo_PedroMarcelo_Pedro Lurker
    edited November 2016 Posts: 3

    Lilith games have much options
    Ex: Taimanin series

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  • SeryuuSeryuu Lurker
    Posts: 5

    Seishoujo ~Seido Ikusei Gakuen~ and Enkou Shoujo ~Rikujoubu Yukky no Baai~

  • Posts: 11

    I've said it before but I'd like to see more Empress games get localized. Like Dominance or Potential Ability. I'd even settle for Lewdness even though I'd prefer something a bit newer since (judging by Starless) you probably won't be done until 2020 :P

  • BlackswanBlackswan Lurker
    edited January 5 Posts: 1

    May i suggest to get "Laughter Land" from Langmaor?
    Nega0 ~Negative Zero~ and "Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona" would be great too ^^
    Oh and "KoiGIG~DEVIL×ANGEL~" from the same publisher as Yo-Jin-Bo.
    Thanks :)

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  • BillybobBillybob Lurker
    Posts: 821

    I'd love to see "Mama no Oppai, Ore no Doutei Milk ga Shiboritorareta Ken" from Silky's Sakura , or something of a similar nature.

    Good mature women incest titles with no rape or mind control, and the mc isn't a shota.

    I wouldn't mind more younger sister incest titles like that either, but those are much more abundant.

  • Marcelo_PedroMarcelo_Pedro Lurker
    Posts: 3

    Miss Leet in Prison - Love Potion Sex Training Revenge:

    Captive Market:

    Me and Saeko and the Seduction Emails:

    Fallen Wife:

    Iron-shelled Ai - Female Pig Imprinting -:

    LILITH-IZM 08 - Nobushito Black IZM -:

    Wife Stealing - Female Teacher Training Logbook -:

    Chronos the Floating Prison Ship:

    My elf elder sister:

  • KGeryKGery Lurker
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    I second those who recommended the Venus Blood series, though i would also recommend to translate from the newer ones, maybe from Gaia and newer.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    edited January 20 Posts: 2,902

    @KGery said:
    I second those who recommended the Venus Blood series, though i would also recommend to translate from the newer ones, maybe from Gaia and newer.

    I've played all of the Venus Blood games since Empire, including Gaia and Hypno, and am currently playing their latest release Ragnarok. Hypno has possibly the best drama in a Venus Blood game to date. The protagonist is a ruthless pragmatist who will do anything to save his dying sister, and their bond is the pivot of the entire narrative. I'm still in Ch. 2 of 7 of Ragnarok, and while the story is fairly average for the Venus Blood series (that is, quite good by gameplay eroge standards but not exceptional), the gameplay is shaping up to be the best yet. Hard Mode is very challenging even by the standards of a series veteran without being cheap or imbalanced. Enemy formations are optimized and deadly, and without optimized formations of your own you WILL get pwned. You're handed a default formation that is capable of steamrolling just about anything, but with 5 combats per turn and only one use of that formation--plus rank conditions that incentivize quick clears--you'll need to raise more armies and combine units into functional formations that will allow you to overcome qualitatively superior and more numerous foes, all the while utilizing terrain and elemental weaknesses to your tactical advantage.

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  • AldraAldra Casual Otaku
    Posts: 22

    Gedou Mahou Shoujo Rinne ~Akuin Akka~

    Majo to Tsurugi to Sen no Tsuki

  • Pendragon01Pendragon01 Lurker
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    just as theres not been a request for a while eiyuu senki gold would be awesome

  • arcarc Lurker
    edited 6:28AM Posts: 3



    Potential Ability


    Closed Game

    Here's my order of interest:

    DominancE > Lewdness > P/A > Cleavage > Closed Game

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