Steam versions for past titles

Do you have any plans to release any of your past titles on Steam?

I think titles like Saya no Uta, Demonbane, and Princess Waltz could be made right for steam with a few modifications and would sell really well for you.
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  • I agree with this in principle, though gutting the sex out of Saya no Uta would be kind of heartrending since it's kind of core to the atmosphere and plot development.  I sort of pity those who would buy the censored version.

  • A video demo huh?  That's an interesting idea.  It's certainly a lot quicker to stream a video than it is to download a demo and install it.  I would probably "play" more demos if they did that.

  • If/when you guys release an "all-ages" version of Saya on steam, consider putting a video of the game's shorter route on Crunchyroll and/or Hulu if you can.

    That way you're reaching out into both the gaming and anime communities.

    In addition for most releases you could also upload a video of the first 10-15 minutes of play on your official youtube channel and link to it / embed it on each game's JAST / J-List store page.


  • All-ages versions of JAST-published games could most definitely be put on Steam. +1 to this.

  • +1 to this.

    'Yo-Jin-Bo ~ The Bodyguards' would work on Steam without having to change anything.

    Not sure if JASTUSA also has the rights to the other Hirameki titles, but they would all fit for Steam (Yo-Jin-Bo is just the only one I can find on the JASTUSA store).

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