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Anyone else want cross days?

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I can't be the only one who wants an official release of Cross Days, right? I read the manga and just need the official game now. Anyone else?
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  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
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    I played Cross Days in Japanese and reviewed it on my blog.
    [Review] Cross Days: A trainwreck as enthralling as it is infuriating
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    @sanahtlig , oh yeah I've read it. That's actually the reason why I posted on this forum haha.
  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 182
    I'd definitely spring for it if JAST were to bring it over.


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    I realize this is an old thread, but it was first to come up on the Search feature. I too would love to see Cross Days come out in English. Having recently purchased School Days HQ and Shiny Days, I want to complete the set. Worse, I'm hopelessly addicted to trap characters and Yuuki seems like a fun protagonist.
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    Yes, very much so. I find the idea of a cross-dressing male protagonist fascinating; it would make a very interesting Visual Novel, especially with the animated cutscenes. I would even buy limited editions of it if something like that exist.

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    i would be interested in a release of cross days, maybe with overflows recent activity they would give it the hd treatment with enough interest from fans


  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 2,902
    Cross Days is already 800x600 (like School Days HQ). I don't think there'd be anything to update.
  • Makina76Makina76 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 114
    I would love to see cross days in english. I already played it a bit. Roka is my favorite character I was a bit bummed she wasn't in shiny days.
  • ZechZech Lurker
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    I'm just register and comment on this forum just to say this... HELL YEAH, I WANT CROSS DAYS IN THE JAST'S ENGLISH VERSION. And trust me, I'm not the only one. There's a lot more people who wants it.
    I already purchased the School Days HQ and the Shiny Days Jast Usa version, I totally love them and I'm consider myself a fan of the Days' stories. I would totally love to play them on the english version, and I would purchase it on the first day of the release.

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  • ZechZech Lurker
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    @sanahtlig I've also read it! It's actually the reason why I'm here.

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  • mkBemattmkBematt Lurker
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    The Days series is probably one of the most unique VN experiences I've ever had, so yeah, if Cross Days gets released, you can bet my money is in the pool somewhere. Bought School Days HQ and Shiny Days back to back from you guys and it was totally worth it.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    edited May 2016 Posts: 2,902

    The Days series is pretty unique with its combination of animated storytelling, highly branching story with timed choices, semi-realistic characters, and a highly developed setting that doesn't rely on tropes. The little setting details that emerge in different routes are a nice touch.

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  • PoizonPoizon Lurker
    Posts: 1

    Omg, I want Cross Days in English SO BAD

  • astranabeatastranabeat Lurker
    Posts: 23

    Me!! I want to complete Days uncensored collection so bad.

  • LippLipp Lurker
    Posts: 612


    Yes please :)

  • _Space__Space_ Lurker
    Posts: 2

    I too would want Cross days localized.

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    I put a ask on Jast's Tumblr account two months back and this is the answer they gave me.

    "Is there a possibility of seeing a localization of Cross Days from the famous School Days series in the future from JAST USA? Since it would round out the whole series (part from Island Days which is for DS), along with also giving us players another taste of Makoto, Sekai and everyone else we love in the School Days series." My question to them

    Cross Days could be in the works, we’re still looking at how/when we could do it. This was their answer.

    I reckon if they do go for localizing it, it will be for 2018 and make some announcement next year. Since I imagine they will want to avoid the bugged release and blowbacks that came with Shiny Days. As Cross Days was and still is a majorly buggy game.

  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 2,902

    JAST's time to release from acquisition is typically 3-8 years. Expecting Cross Days before 2020 would probably be "optimistic".

  • Tomas_IsdahlTomas_Isdahl Lurker
    edited November 2016 Posts: 11

    I'd love it aswell! seeing as i bought both the SCHQ and SD CE's on release back to back. and considering both games were a success sales wise i wouldn't put it past them to release Cross Days! the issue (if there is one) is for certain going to be the bugs in cross days, seeing as the launch of Shiny Days was as buggy as it was. besides that the games are great!

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  • Tomas_IsdahlTomas_Isdahl Lurker
    Posts: 11

    @sanahtlig said:
    Cross Days is already 800x600 (like School Days HQ). I don't think there'd be anything to update.

    hmm, i guess if the fans really asked for it, i image 0verflow could up-res the games to like at least 1280 x 720 that can't be too much too ask can it? well what do i know? im not a developer ):

  • midnightsongmidnightsong Lurker
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    I would looooove if Cross Days was released in English, I have box sets of School Days HQ and Shiny Days, would definitely buy Cross Days~

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