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More Empress games

edited June 2016 in Your Suggestions To Us Posts: 11

My suggestion for future JAST projects would be to bring more Empress games to the west.
Judging by some staff comments it seems that JAST has a pretty decent relationship with Will/Empress after the English release of Starless last year. I hope this means JAST will take on some of their other titles as well.

Some examples below (warning, music).

Potential Ability
Closed Game

Worth noting is that none of the examples are nowhere near as ambitious as Starless content-wise, which should theoretically make them a bit more manageable for a small studio, but what do I know :blush:

If there's an interest, what would you like to see localized?

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  • TimTim MOD
    Posts: 260

    We would like to work with them again, looks like there's quite a split between opinions on which game people want to see, it'd be interesting if any opinions have changed since last year~

  • Posts: 11

    Practically speaking (and not to sound like a graphics whore) I think a high resolution title wouldn't be an inconceivable choice as more people are buying higher res monitors. It would also be refreshing to get a "new" game for once, even if it won't be out for another 2-4 years ;)

    Of the ones above I'm leaning toward the latter two but would be perfectly fine with any, to be honest.

  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
    edited June 2016 Posts: 25

    to me personally closed game fell as much flat as it could possibly have. had quite high hopes for that one, especially when considering who´s worked on it, but the result... cant really say i was pleased by its outcome, felt way too much like some parody of sorts. (dont even make me remember those testosteron-driven spaceslime-ish creatures that tend to favour pleasing females of all kind in a laughable rude & violent manner ><).
    basically saying that title in particular stands in stark contrast to most of empress´s former ones and despite its rather dark-ish premise has more than the oppsite effect on a reader.

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  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 182

    @XReaper , out of curiosity, was Closed Game a comedy or meant to be one? Or are you saying that it was just so over-the-top that it strained believability too hard?

  • TimTim MOD
    Posts: 260

    I think Closed Game is supposed to parody a lot of genres. I guess they wanted to do something new; I like the new aesthetic, but i don't think I got far enough into the game for the twist (I'm assuming there will be a twist haha)

  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
    edited June 2016 Posts: 25

    @jacksprat1 said:
    XReaper , out of curiosity, was Closed Game a comedy or meant to be one? Or are you saying that it was just so over-the-top that it strained believability too hard?

    nah it was meant in the opposite way, at least that´s what i believe, though it doesnt matter because the whole stuff turned out hillarious. heck even the "villains" were more annoying than of a fearsome nature.
    guess there´s no writer who´s safe from having a bad day once in his life and regrettably even the great izumi ban´ya being no exception to that rule.
    to make it short, closed game feels like a weird attempt in fusing starless & be-yond together, so one is better off reading those 2 seperately than going for it instead. not saying closed game is a bad game in itself here, just DONT go in expecting seriousness, or a deeper/profound meaning

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  • CitrusCWCitrusCW Lurker
    Posts: 1

    I personally would love to see more games by EMPRESS. My votes would have to be Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~ in first place, and DominancE in second. I know Lewdness is basically more Starless with perverted school girls, but I'm a fan of that hardcore fetish genre, and I would think most other fans would agree. DominancE was a fresher take on things and a little less extreme than Starless and Lewdness, with a high amount of femdom. Not the biggest fan of femdom so I would put it second but still overall a great game. I would have to leave out Closed Game and P/A. Closed game like someone above me said just didn't live up to expectations, and I just didn't like P/A. No reason just wasn't really into it that much.

  • LippLipp Lurker
    edited July 2016 Posts: 612

    Personally I'd go for DominancE first and Lewdness second, though I wouldn't be opposed to either one. If we get both then perhaps we could also get some version of the Sei Shoujo Collection Box.

    Also wouldn't be opposed to Cleavage if they finally managed to track down the uncensored CGs.

    In order of interest:
    DominancE > Lewdness > P/A > Cleavage > Closed Game

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  • Marcelo_PedroMarcelo_Pedro Lurker
    Posts: 3

    Yes loved the empress games and would really like to see more games please bring them to us.

    In order of interest:

    DominancE > Lewdness > P/A > Cleavage > Closed Game

  • arcarc Lurker
    Posts: 3

    Any update on this ? More Empress games would be really nice.

    Here's my order of interest:

    DominancE > Lewdness > P/A > Cleavage > Closed Game

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