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Full Metal Daemon Muramasa

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa
I know that this was mentioned a few times in the "Ne ne, what do you want, oniichan?" thread but this title deserves its own thread.

This is pretty much my most wanted VN out there. And “coincidentally” you are partnered with Nitroplus, so I must come here to pester you guys about it.
I know that it's probably one of the most difficult to translate titles (at least that's its reputation) and I know that you have three other Nitroplus titles in the pipeline, but I want you to remind you that there people out there desperately hoping that you pick up Muramasa.

Also I know that I am not alone in this! I would like to link you the "Most desired visual novel translation" tournament that was run recently, where Muramasa took the 3rd place!
Most desired visual novel translation
Sure there are "only" a few hundred people participating in this tournament, but it is a lot more back up than most titles can claim to have.


  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 182

    It looks like a beautiful game, but I can see two details right away that would make it a really difficult project to translate/localize. First, there's the sheer length of the game, which VNDB says it clocks in at well over 50 hours. That's not a disqualifier by itself, but it does mean that it contains beaucoups of text to translate and would be an enormous time investment. The other thing is that the text is vertically oriented, which would mean an English translation would also have to tinker with the code to get the dialogue box to appear horizontally at the bottom while not messing up the artwork -- again, not impossible, but would require more work and tons of quality assurance testing.

    Not trying to be a dream-crusher (honest!), but I just wonder if the stuff above might make Muramasa a bridge too far in terms of project difficulty when there are so many other good titles out there that would require less work...

  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,836

    I'd be interested in Muramasa, because Nitroplus. I'm also quite interested in Gekkou no Carnevale.

  • Posts: 3

    In a the licensing survey of another company Muramasa made it to top 15 of the most requested titles to be licensed and translated.

    Just a little reminder. =)

  • XcedeXcede Lurker
    Posts: 1

    Yes Muramasa please! We have waited so long yet you are still tormenting us....

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