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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! 4 ? can that game come to steam sir ?

rikatorikato Lurker

want to play this game .. but can't find platform here ..
can u guys add this game to steam ? pls ?



  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
    edited November 2016 Posts: 25

    i dont even expect the team which´s currently working on a2 to stay motivated/sane/whatsnot coming to a3, in case they even want to, much less chances of an official localisation coming to the series as a whole, because you know, starting somewhere in the middle or as you suggested with a4 would make no fucking sense to anyone. not to mention there have been a great many individuals working on the series so far, means aquiring rights to their translations would be a damn hassle unless someone miraculously thinks about doing it from scratch, which again is unlikely as hell, same as RUF suddenly awakening from its cryosleep only to deliver the long overdue rasen kairou3... *sigh sigh sigh

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