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season of the sakura

sirbarensirbaren Lurker
edited October 2016 in Your Suggestions To Us Posts: 9

I think you guys from Jast usa should either re: release an hd re: release of season of the Sakura, why you might ask well because it was quite frankly an amazing game and had amazing gameplay and with the new technology you could bring it back even better, it was an amazing game for aspects such as character development and had a great value when it came to being able to replay it.... I miss it at the very least you should make a sequel to the game for all those who liked the game and it is a nostalgic piece of eroge history "It's April. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, exploding with beautiful shades of pink and red and white. They'll disappear soon enough, but for now the Season of the Sakura has come again to Japan.

I turn to her, standing beside me, and speak.
"The Sakura were in bloom the day we first met. Do you remember?"
She smiles at me. I know that she is happy.
I look up at the Sakura once more, and remember...
"That's right. That's when all of this began..."

... to devs please make re release or sequel ... !!!! -"I miss my Aki" ~R~I~P~ season of the Sakura one of your guys first and best projects.... please bring it back or a sequel with out a memorial pack just as its own I think Jast usa if you look deep down in your heart you know you want to bring it back or a sequel after all it was one of you first projects or have you maybe possibly .... forgotten especially since it is a great classic plus its Japanese culture to bring some thing back one more time please one more hanami just one more s~e~a~s~o~n~o~f~s~a~k~u~r~a
One more hanami ! anyone who is with me comment on this if you haven't played the game do not play unless you are of legal age(18 and over) if you are 18 and over you should check it out its a good game could use some graphics brush up and maybe some more game mechanics but its really a good game....

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  • NickNick JAST USA Barrel Haxor
    Posts: 136

    Ah yes. Good ol' 1996. It's celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, right? We've not ruled out the idea of doing remakes for some of our titles. It would be cool to have updated graphics and gameplay for some of these classic stories.

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    i agree and i think it was by far one of your best works you ever done

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    if you guys bring it back i would be grateful

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    perhaps even have a new phone mechanism and or more girls to decide on based on characters from other animes such as highschool dxd or riddle of devils, and a way to get each of the girls away from the other in a date and if you run into another girl during a date you affection rating with that other girl goes down and maybe even a skills section/tree and make it have some new areas and or scenery but keep the classic Japanese overall feel of the game with a bit of added modern touches. and add more restaurants than just a burger joint.

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    and perhaps a a computer based rivals in a new story mode maybe so you can increase the challenge

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    anyways i could go on with suggestions of where to go with this game if it is re released the original game was amazing i loved it

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    and perhaps also added audio voice overs for the characters so its like a visual audio story giving the player a bigger sense of immersion and also developing a sense of character development adding the the players ability to connect with the female characters and or if you add them the male computer based rivals in the possible new of the new story mode thats if you go with my suggestion to also add a more challenging story mode on top of the original story mode

  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 182

    @SirBaren: I'm with you in spirit on your request, but I don't think the things you suggested will be practical or likely. Here's the thing: JAST USA translates, localizes, and publishes already-completed visual novels and "visual-novely" games from Japan, but they don't program and code the games from the ground up except for debugging. So, unless the Japanese publisher has already done an updated game that just needs localization, the kind of total revamp you're suggesting probably can't happen. Season of the Sakura's last touch-up was in 1997, so my bet is that the chances of a reboot are virtually zero at this time.

    I'm a big fan of the games of that era, too, though, so I can definitely feel where you're coming from. For that matter, Peter Payne (the CEO at JAST) probably does as well, since he's expressed serious warm fuzzies for Season of the Sakura over the years. On the plus side, there is at least a version of Sakura playable on modern operating systems. You can pick up a tweaked version that runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 (along with Runaway City and Three Sisters Story that also work) on the JAST Memorial Collection Special Edition at J-List. It also contains an un-tweaked "as-is" version of the amazing Nocturnal Illusion, but that one likely won't work unless you happen to have a VERY old computer sitting around the house you can install it on.

  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,836

    Jast USA is named that because it used to be affiliated with JAST, the original developers of Jast USA's initial batch of games. The thing is, JAST went under because the head of the company died. That was, like, 15 years ago. VNDB says there never was any Japanese remake; just a PC-98 release and a Windows port. I'm quite sure nobody would ever want to make one going forward. For several reasons: One, in Japan this game was likely nothing special. Japan has so many more releases, after all. Two, it's 20 years old. In computer game terms? Ancient. Three, the IP's lay fallow, unused the whole time. It's not like Call of Duty or Mario where new games keep peoples' interest; the people who loved the game 20 years ago moved on a long time ago. Four, if you don't get the original staff (at least their input/approval, if not direct involvement) then what's the point? And it'll be very difficult to get them. I believe industry turnover is high, so even if you know who the writers and artists were, good luck getting them to agree. Five, standards change. Nobody makes games with the old select-commands style anymore. The art style also needs to change, because it was designed to look good on so much less powerful hardware. You're likely to end up basically creating a new game only loosely inspired by the original.

    All of that's a giant morass of annoying red tape to slog through, expensive money sinks, and good reasons to think nobody will want the end result anyway. I'm pretty sure no Japanese outfit will decide that such a project would be a good use of their limited time and money to develop. Jast USA would basically need to outright buy the IP from whoever snapped it up when JAST went defunct, if they can be found, assuming there is any such entity. This is what's known as an 'orphan work', and it's a serious problem facing copyright now in general: many things are copyrighted, but nobody really knows by who, making it cost prohibitive to try to do anything with them.

  • sirbarensirbaren Lurker
    Posts: 9

    yes but with new technology it isnt entirely impossible again provided like yous said one of the old developers agrees and i do not see why they would say no seeing as it makes them money and preserves their hard work and art so as to speak look at other games for example...

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