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Koumigami (Black Cyc 2017)

NargrakhanNargrakhan Lurker
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Black Cyc has officially been resurrected:

Will this new game be worthy of the mantle? Looks like we'll know on January 27th.


  • NargrakhanNargrakhan Lurker
    Posts: 6,470

    Hmm... hype factor has taken a tremendous hit with the revelation that Ashisawa Yorukoyoru is the scenario writer. Not a Black Cyc veteran. Looking more like the Black Cyc label is being used, like how EA uses the BioWare or Maxis label: to trick people into buying a low quality product, under the assumption it's a high quality product.

    Will wait and see though. New face isn't a bad thing. However his previous works were just mindless rape titles devoid of plot:

    Hoping for the best, planning for the worst.

  • NargrakhanNargrakhan Lurker
    Posts: 6,470

    Denkare has another album coming out on January 25th of 2017.

    It's going to be titled Carnaval The Abyss

    Not sure if JAST would appreciate if I posted a preorder link to another importer, since they might consider offering it in their catalog.

    The JAN/ISBN will be 4562221831239. Planned to have 11 songs on one CD.

  • NargrakhanNargrakhan Lurker
    edited February 3 Posts: 6,470

    Now playing this new Black Cyc game... honestly I'm rather disappointed.

    On the plus sides, this game does use themes from the Black Cyc Universe: forgotten isolated location, hidden eldritch menace, and human who despite their powerless position try to oppose them.

    On the negative sides, the story is too simplistic. I suspected it was going to be as such, given the small cast, but there's no interesting twist or awesome concept being exploited anywhere. Just a generic "horror story" that you can find in any generic horror eroge. I also don't like the character designs. BCyc was never known for having the greatest character appearances, but the cast in this title are so bland looking. Nothing original about them. Nothing really appealing.

    Music is blah overall. Pretty disappointed on that. Not an ounce of New Wave Of Death Neko Metal... nor did they even try to emulate it. Suckage.

    As I feared, they just tossed the BCyc label on a pretty generic title. Maybe I'm missing something, since I've only done a 50% complete so far. Game should have been released under the Cyclet brand. This title does a tremendous injustice to the nostalgic legacy of Black Cyc.

    Anyways... here's the Getchu page for it:

    Here's the video ad they play in eroge stores:

    Here's the video sampling footage from the game:

    Obviously none of those links are safe for work. Turn down the volume for the second video. :chuffed:

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  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,834

    If you were afraid that's what they were going to do, then why didn't you wait to see reviews? Personally I don't like rewarding that kind of thing, it only encourages more shovelware. I've heard that there's just a much less strong tradition of critical reviews over there, but I don't know directly and that always seemed like an exaggeration (I mean, it's the internet).

  • XReaperXReaper Lurker
    edited February 5 Posts: 25

    honestly speaking what did people expect of a rather 3rd rate nukige-writer to suddenly produce. anyone who´s read some of his former "works" knew where the train was heading at. and as already mentioned above, the decision of releasing it under blackcyc´s label clearly did them no good in almost every regards. its story/cast is even more meh than in dasaku´s case and this is something for sure...

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