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Searching doesn't seem to work in the archive

NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
in Your Suggestions To Us Posts: 5,831

So there's a nice archive of the old forums here, but searching doesn't seem to work on it. (I know there used to be bugs with searching not ordering stuff properly; that seems to be fixed now.)


  • GobboGobbo Hand of the King
    Posts: 118

    Thanks @Nandemonai, I'll look into it.

  • GobboGobbo Hand of the King
    Posts: 118

    Retested and it seems to be working now. If it's not working for you please give me a detailed description of what you're searching for and how it's not working. Maybe you're trying something I didn't.

  • NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
    Posts: 5,831

    It does seem to be working now, yes.

    I just see 2 minor issues:
    1) Navigating down to a sub-forum and using the search box still searches the whole forum, and
    2) You can only see one page of results, so if you're trying to find a really old thread it can be quite difficult. (Awhile back, I wanted to find the first few threads about MangaGamer - hilariously enough, at first some here worried they might be some kind of pirate site - and I basically had to page thru the archives manually until I found it.)

  • GobboGobbo Hand of the King
    Posts: 118

    Thanks so much for the feedback @Nandemonai . I'll look at advanced search options and see what can be done.

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