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Dates disappeared on the forum lists

NandemonaiNandemonai Kohai
in Your Suggestions To Us Posts: 5,836

Hey, so about a week ago, in the list of posts, the date was showing up. Now it just shows a month/year.


  • Aurora3500Aurora3500 Kohai
    Posts: 54

    I'm seeing the same thing. When I click into Threads, I can see the date & time there, but outside of Threads when just looking at Thread Lists, it just shows the Month/Year. Not sure if it's intentional as part of how the Forum System works, or if it's a bug.

  • BillybobBillybob Lurker
    edited January 6 Posts: 821

    Is it just because the year changed and it only shows the date and time for current year, possibly? I see day and time for January posts, but older ones just say December 2016/November 2016 etc

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