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Aselia the Eternal, crashes during (at the end of?) Prologue.

HjiryonHjiryon Lurker
in Game Support Posts: 4

Hello there!
With Aselia the Eternal going on sale on steam, I picked it up (along with Seinarukana), and it's been a good read so far. However, the game invariably crashes (no error message, apart from a popup "aseliacs has stopped working".
This happens just after a screen introducing a new chapter (it reads "Prologue, Girl With the White Wings, To a different world").
If I were to venture a guess, I'd say the intro move was supposed to play at this point (it seems about that time), but I can't be sure.

Others on steam seem to be reporting the same problem, these past 10 days or so.
And (Malark's post of March 21st).

I hope this is something you can help with.


  • NickNick JAST USA Barrel Haxor
    Posts: 136

    Thanks @Hjiryon

    We'll take a look at what could be wrong.

    Could you try installing 3rd-party codecs for video playback, like K-Lite or CCCP and let me know if that helps?

  • HjiryonHjiryon Lurker
    Posts: 4

    Both codecs installed. Doesn't seem to make a difference. Anything else I can do provide information, here?

  • NickNick JAST USA Barrel Haxor
    Posts: 136

    Do you have some kind of 2D or Video acceleration turned on with your video card?
    Could you try to change those settings and see if that fixes it.

  • HjiryonHjiryon Lurker
    Posts: 4

    Visited a friend today and tried to run the game over his network.
    This seems to works - strangely.
    Hopefully, it still will when I get home (but otherwise, I've saved the game after the prologue, so it's not really an issue).

    If you changed nothing on your end, I'm somewhat mystified what caused this change.

  • NickNick JAST USA Barrel Haxor
    Posts: 136

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know how it changes on your computer with a save past the prologue.

  • HjiryonHjiryon Lurker
    Posts: 4

    The game, back home again (bringing the computer back home with me again, of course), it seems to run as intended - Including being able to load at re-watch the introduction video which previously caused the crash.

  • GobboGobbo Hand of the King
    Posts: 130

    @Hjiryon did you ever figure out what made the difference?

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