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Anime Expo 2017

Makina76Makina76 MOD Hand of the King
in Conventions Posts: 110

It's time for Anime Expo. I will definitly be going I will be there on July 3rd. What about you will any of you be going this year ?


  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 175

    Awesome! I'm afraid that isn't in my budget, but I am following along a little bit online. I wonder if JAST will be making any announcements for new games. The only two I know of for sure in the queue right now are Flowers: Summer and Eiyu Senki. I'm looking forward to both of those, but would be interested to hear about any other titles in the lineup (or solid estimated release dates for the two I mentioned).

  • jacksprat1jacksprat1 MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 175

    Huh. According to JAST's Facebook page, they did indeed announce something... but the page doesn't say what. They just announced that an announcement was made, haha.

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