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Not A lot of people here.

Makina76Makina76 MOD Hand of the King
in Off Topic Posts: 115

I've noticed that there seems to be significantly less users posting here in comparison,to the Jast connect forums. I wonder if they all went Fuwanovel instead?


  • sanahtligsanahtlig MOD Hand of the King
    Posts: 2,903

    The JAST community seems to have fragmented over time, and social media eats into the incentive to join a forum community such as this for news and discussion. I do see a lot of the people interested in the industry and such on Fuwanovel. Luring them back would require frequent participation from JAST staff I think.

  • NargrakhanNargrakhan Lurker
    Posts: 6,470


    There isn't any incentive to frequently post in this forum, because JAST rarely posts on their own forum. There isn't a stream of new or exciting information to keep long term interest in the various threads. JAST makes an interesting announcement, there's a bit of activity for a day or two, and then everything just goes dead again. I understand the reason why, and honestly have no realistic solution to propose, but them the breaks.

    It was also a MAJOR mistake for JAST to kill the forum at the height of it's activity. When the forum went down for years, regular posters like myself just wandered off and found new things to do. I don't feel like posting here like I used to... the "passion" was lost and I currently regularly post on the forums I used to fill the void when JAST vanished. Though it came back, it was waaaaaaaaay too late. I come here once every several months to file through a few threads, then go away for another several months. Sometimes I don't even post in those visits.

    tl;dr - Lack of regular JAST related news to talk about. Forum was allowed to die and everyone when their separate ways.

  • AldraAldra Casual Otaku
    Posts: 22

    I'm still here :)

  • InfernoplexInfernoplex Lurker
    Posts: 2

    @Aldra said:
    I'm still here :)

    You don't count xD

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