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At first Ifm a bit reluctant to write this review,after all Welcome to Pia Carrot3 is a fairly old game,made by F&C at 2001 however I decided to give it a go since Pia Carrot3 is a real masterpiece worthy to be compared to the famous Da Capo and To Heart series.In addition it has graphics and CG quality that wonft lose to newer games.Itfs unfortunate that I didnft get to play the previous Pia Carrot series.Oh,in case you donft know Pia Carrot is the name of the café where the games take place

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Pia Carrot3 takes time at summer,late July until late August,roughly one month.Akihiko is a part-time worker in the original Pia Carrot,suddenly he is called by the owner and told that he must go to the fourth branch of Pia Carrot (yea 4th even tough this is supposed to be Pia Carrot3,I donft know much about the series,so maybe there is one café specific for the anime or something).Apparently the 4th branch is going to be opened soon and each Pia Carrot cafe(1,2,3 ) have to send each of their worker to help for 1 month.Since all the other worker refused he must go and with the café located in another town you must stay in the 4th Pia Carrot dorm.This is when the game begin,a new place,new friends and a lot of new girls to ogle ?

Unlike many ADV games,PC3 has gameplay that reminds me of the famous TokiMemo,the hero has statuses like stamina,etc and during your free time you can choose to study,recreation,jogging,etc. or you can go to places on the map,such as beach,dorm,etc.
Now this is what I want to highlight,PC3 has some interesting gimmicks.
You are allowed to choose the waitress uniform,there are 3 beautiful costumes to choose from.This will affect the girls uniform throughout the game and there are specific CG for each uniform as well.And when you perform activities there is a little screen showing a SD form of characters doing the chores.(this is also like TokiMemo)
Another interesting note is,their eyes and lips will move during talking just like LMM.

The hero,worker of Pia Carrot's main store.He is sent to Pia Carrot 4 to help there for a month.

Sayaka Takai
Your childhood friend and a fellow worker in the main store.Since she stays in the main store you will rarely meet her unless youfre on her scenario.

Tomomi Aizawa
Worker from the 2nd Pia Carrot,you meet her on the train to Pia Carrot 3.She immediately becomes familiar with you and calls you "onii-san".

Akemi Hasegawa
The vice manager of Pia Carrot 4,kind and cheerful but also childish and clumsy.She is Natsukifs senior ,yet she is often scolded by her because of her clumsiness.

Natsuki Iwakura
The current manager and Akemi junior in the university.Despite her beauty,she is very strict and unforgiving when it comes to work,she also rarely smiles which adds to her icy looks.

Miharu Fuyuki
Apparently another character from a previous Pia Carrot though Ifm not too sure,sorry.She avoids you like the plague but associates well with another worker.Since she really likes sunbathing she has tanned skin.

Takako Kinoshita
Manager of the dorm where you stay,she is Noborufs aunt.Lazy and a glutton,she takes care of the dorm alone.Her hobby is eating and relaxing in the kotatsu(Japanese warmer) even in the summer.

Nana Kimishima
A local that works part-time in Pia Carrot 4.She doesnft stay in the dorm so itfs a bit difficult to meet her.Abit air-headed(or I can be blunt and say stupid) .She likes to walk in the park in the morning so you can meet her there most of the time.Has a crush on Noboru.

Noboru Kinoshita
Another fellow worker,an easy going man.He is Takakofs nephew and often comes late to work.He has a crush on Nana too(So itfs smooth sailing,eh?Not if you interfere).Sometimes he will sell things like a game console or music cd to you.As far as I know this is just an extra and doesnft affect any scenario.

The first time I played PC3,I failed miserably,not until my fourth try I got the gist of how the game works.Obviously the difficulty level is quite high.This kinda put me off at first since I hate spending my time on a game without getting anything.But when I managed to unlock the scenarios I got hooked right away.While the characters are basics choice,the stories are interesting and very nice.
But PC3 also has some weaknesses.The statuses didnft actually affect anything,at least in the 4 scenarios that I have played,in fact you must always spend your time with the girl rather than doing activities or you will fail.The other is there are too many cameo appearances,I have only seen the anime version of Pia Carrot2 so I didnft know anything about the other,itfs kind of disturbing because they mention it here and there.The last one is about the heroine of this game,apparently her scenario has a different mechanism that I have yet to figure out and that is bad since I donft have much time to play this game.If anybody knows please tell me how to get to her story.

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Thanks for the help
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  • Nice review. I really like the graphics from the game, the girls sure are pretty.
  • Good review. I played P.C.2 a long time ago, and was very funny and good. I remember the characters had animated mouths too, so probably that's a typical feature for F.C. games.

    This one looks to be so good than his predecessor, if not better. :D

    As for the stats part, in P.C.2 they were important, so i think they are important here, too. Basically, every girl has her own personality, so she has her own tastes and preferences too. Your character will not attract a girl unless he has something she likes. In other words, an atlectic girl will give you a chance if you are atlectic too, an academic girl if you study a lot, and so on. Think that old bgame, TRUE LOVE. Maybe you need to find some hints with the stats for every girl in order to unlock her scenario.
  • I'm quite sure that the stat is useless since I already finished 3 story without any good stat.I got the H scene for the other 2 but unable to go to the ending.If the stat has any effect it's probably only for the main heroine.Oh,the second stat is an exception since it shows how close you are to the girl you want to get
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