Reviled Review: Hajimete no Orusuban

Originally posted by Italicus:
Aw, lolitas... disgusting... i hate loli games!!!! They reached a new low point...
TTH in Italy those loli or shota looking games are illegal!

If you like sensitive topics capable of raising red-hot discussions, the Loli (and Shota, too) genre is a sure bet, especially if you consider the fact that at least 60% of the erogames released in Japan includes one or more of these delicate and beautiful -and horny- ch... err, "VERY Young Looking But Clearly 18 Years Adult" -and horny- characters (humph, politically correct terminology is sooo boring, let's call them just Lolis :P , who apparently haunt the dreams/nightmares of LOTS of people worldwide.
The pinnacle of Loliness however is represented by those erogames featuring exclusively Lolis, and, of this group, Hajimete No Orusuban is the most famous, the true epitome of Loliness and the game chosen by Sofurin as "anti role model" when it started its crackdown against (ab)use of Lolis in erotic videogames.
But, most importantly... is it a GOOD game too?

Short introduction:
Originally posted by Italicus:
So this game is just c***, as i expected...

Summer vacation. The male protagonist (theorically named by you, but his true name is Oniichan :P ) is an ordinary university student living alone and busily preparing a thesis for his next academical year.
A dreary life, maybe, but Oniichan has the good fortune of living next door to the Mizuki family: a young -and horny- widow and her beautiful daughters, two Loli twin sisters named Shiori (the timid -and horny- one) and Saori (the vivacious -and horny- one). After helping the sisters in their moment of need (during an extremely embarassing situation for two 18-years-old women, but, hey, no erogame features minors, do you remember?), Oniichan has developed a strong friendship with his neighbors, and with the Loli twins in particular, who now consider Oniichan as a cherished big brother ("oniichan", in Japanese) AND a lover at the same time.
Hajimete no Orusuban begins when Shiori's and Saori's mother ask Oniichan for his temporary assistance minding/protecting her daughters during her absence because of work ("Miss Mizuki, you are worried too much! Your daughters are adult women now... No?"). For approximatively 10 days, from morning to evening, Oniichan and the Loli twins will live together under the same roof.
What will happen next? It's for you to decide!

Originally posted by Italicus:
Yuch... depressing...

In a sense, Hajimete no Orusuban doesn't need a storyline. Oniichan has already gained the trust and the love of the Loli twins, and the player must now simply collect the fruits of Oniichan's past efforts. And in fact this "storyline" is merely a collection of sex-centered scenarios and (very few) endings.
But, maybe surprisingly, the Game Background is very developed: almost every scenario is centered around one of the sisters (the mother is often cited/hinted, but she never appears), and although the outcome of any interaction with them inevitably results in (MUCH variegated) Hot Sex, the player gets also to know the personality and the tastes of both girls in a realistic manner: these sisters (and their mother) can be very horny, but they are very human too.
More interestingly, the knowledge of their tastes/personality is also useful for advancing in the game, because the frequent Choice Options located in most scenarios aren't so obvious, and choosing randomly is the best way for unlocking the Bad Ending.
But take note: you MUST remember that Hajimete no Orusuban was originally released five years ago (a loooong time for a videogame) by a software house (ZERO) not noted for the complexity of its storylines, and that its format was copied/cloned by hordes of imitators. Therefore, playing this game is often an exercise in Deja-Vu, and however, even in its prime, no one dared to proclaim that Hajimete no Orusuban was a masterpiece.
That said, I still think that this storyline is amusing and good for many hours of "play" :oops: , IF you can appreciate the Loli genre (an unusual experience for sure, trust me) and, most importantly, IF you don't fear public censure (in more senses than one, see my Wild Thoughts, below).

Originally posted by Italicus:
Baldo, may i remeber you underaged people sex-related material - of whatever kind - are considered pedophilian material for italian laws? Even if in Japan legal consent is at the age of 13 for that kind of things. Whatever material that depicts such acts - imported or not - is illegal.

In my opinion, the graphics are the main reason behind the success of this erogame. Even the most insignificant scenes/backgrounds are beautifully drawn, while the twin sisters themselves literally ooze charisma, putting to shame the competition with no problem whatsoever.
Few erogames can really boast memorable graphics, but Hajimete no Orusuban is surely part of this group. Great work!

Originally posted by Italicus:
Pedi-con, is under 16 years, loli-con is from 16 to 18. On the first case, sexual violence, on the second, corruption of a minor. Just my point of view, remember...

First Class, no doubt. The game musics are relatively few, but their good quality overcomes any problem caused by repetitiveness, and however I tend to forget the background music when Shiori and Saori start speaking: incredibly cute and charming, the dubbed voice of both sisters (the only dubbed characters) is so realistically ch... err, Lolish that... I... I... PLEASE DON'T FORCE ME TO SAY THAT! LET ME GO LET ME GO!!! :P !

Originally posted by Italicus:
Couldn't care less, period.

Nothing special, just the usual CG, Music and Scenario Galleries, but don't forget that Hajimete no Orusuban is a old game, and that the current version is merely a "Renewed" DVD release.
Even so, the cheap price of 2940 yen for a less censored (!!) version of this classic easily overcomes any objection (from me, at least), although this also means that the game still "boasts" only four endings and, much worse, the absence of a Voice Playback option...

Final considerations:
Originally posted by Italicus:
And you can't change the fact i still dislike this kind of loli-looking games characters...

Maybe unsurprisingly, I haven't started hanging around kindergartens seeking little girls to love after playing Hajimete no Orusuban, exactly as, in the past, I haven't studied magic after seeing Harry Potter films or turned to Diabolism after reading The Book Of Vile Darkness.
Hajimete no Orusuban is nothing more than a short but nice erotic videogame which happens to feature Loli characters only. I don't care if, for someone, this is immoral, the only things I value in a erogame are high quality and low price, and Hajimete no Orusuban guarantees both. The fact that this is a Loli game means only that you need to deactivate the higher functions of your brain for maximum appreciation of the storyline (most b-games are stupid, but Loli games are universally stupid, in my opinion), although the "cuteness" of the ambience and the consensual nature of the sex (common traits of the Loli genre, even if rare exceptions do exist) compensate very well for the IQ deficit.
In conclusion, if you are searching for something different, you can do worse than buying a Loli game and, of these, Hajimete no Orusuban is a really good choice... if your Customs Service permits, of course.

ZERO Home Page:

Hajimete no Orusuban (CD version -censored and bugged-) Home Page:

Hajimete no Orusuban (DVD version -buy this!-) Home Page:

Getchu - Hajimete no Orusuban Page:

Hajimete no Orusuban Demo Movie (14 MB's):

Baldo's Wild Thoughts:
Originally posted by Italicus:
Baldo, i suggest you to look at the most recent laws on the matter here in Italy. Be careful about what you're going to buy from now on.

As always, Italicus demonstrates a firm grasp of the obvious :wink: , but it's true that most nations, in their hurry of saving children from abuse in child pornography (a noble enterprise), started persecuting/prosecuting fictional child pornography in the same manner (an idiotic enterprise), just another proof that even governments mix fantasy with reality all the time.
Who decides what is art or pornography? And who gets damaged exactly by (hand-)drawn images? These and many other questions remain unanswered, turning, in the meanwhile, a law into a menace/sword ready to strike undiscriminately, if in the wrong hands.
Me, I don't have use for a government that sticks its nose even in situations where no one is damaged, especially if you consider that ALL governments, free and submissive alike, sinned against minors, at some point.
Therefore, believe me or not, I've blatantly ordered Hajimete no Orusuban a few months after the introduction in Italy of the latest hardbrained directive from the EU Big Brother, mainly as a sort of personal challenge against an arbitrary limitation of my Civil Rights.
But I can say, to Italian Customs Service credit, that I did receive this erogame, and with no problems whatsoever... Not counting the usual 25% tariff on the total value of my order, of course (hard, yes, but still better than elsewhere). Hail EroGoddess :mrgreen: !
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  • I saw this game once in Softmap. Even used, it costed full price, so I passed and went for Hobosan to Issho! instead - granted that Hobosan is a rival copy of this one... but I wanted to get more than one title that day. :D

    To be honest, while I don't claim to be an expert on loliology, using these twinlicous titles as "proof" that loli is bad was flawed from the start. These are NOT bad.

    You want bad? Try Eien Tonnatta Rusuban (Tacchi). It's something of a collector's item as well: I've seen brand new copies sell for around 19800 yen. :p
  • Originally posted by Nargrakhan:
    granted that Hobosan is a rival copy of this one...
    Not only this, it isn't a "Pure Loli" game either (Chizuru seems fully grown-up, and I'm sure that both Akari and Rina are taboo for the player :( (unlike Eien to Natta Rusuban, I suppose -on a side note, both your Himeya Links in your Mayonaka review are wrong, you must LOVE MinDeaD BlooD :p ... ).

    <small>[ 08-27-2006, 07:50 AM: Message edited by: Baldo ]</small>
  • Still don't want lolisex games. :)

    Don't care if someone ELSE does, don't think it makes you evil, just Not My Kink.

    Otoh if you had a shoujo-ai loli schoolgirl game with no explicit sex and just lots of adorable girls cuddling, I'd go for that.
  • Originally posted by papillon:
    Still don't want lolisex games. :)

    Don't care if someone ELSE does, don't think it makes you evil, just Not My Kink.

    Otoh if you had a shoujo-ai loli schoolgirl game with no explicit sex and just lots of adorable girls cuddling, I'd go for that.
    Well then papillon, to each their own.
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