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Official Post about Shiny Days



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    So just a general question. Is this game 'fixed' now? Uncensor patch and no bugs so now I can finally purchase it?

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    Great post on your blog sanahtlig.

    Found another Kokoro h scene, it's an expansion of the one at the beach. Good lord whoever animated that scene enjoyed doing it a bit too much. I will let you see for yourselves.

    But Makato crossed the moral event horizon there for me with what he does in it.  This one was just too much overall.

  • RelmRelm Casual Otaku
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    Well the annoying crash bugs with Skip / Fast Forward / Save etc. are still there but if you played School Days you should be kinda used to them. Save a lot and dont Skip or FF too much, especially in full screen.

    They said it's due to the game engine that is weak and Tim said they might fix it later but honestly i dont think they will, ever, as they didnt fix it on School Days.

    So i guess you're good to go for now.

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    Never played school days. Should I? But got it, if I buy it, on replays dont use FF/Skip... Oh my god, saying that physically pains me when I think about it in a visual novel.

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    Did i just downloaded 1.8 GB of uncensored content when its actually just 420 mb?

    Shame on you Anonymous.

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    I had issues with the patch even when following the revised step by step instructions. Either the scenes were still blacked out or the voice dialogue just wasn't there. The JPN voice04.gpk fixed the voice problem though when I did get the scenes to work.
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    i have this issue, the kokoro scenes preview appear in the replay menu but are unclickable, as if they were locked, i loaded a savegame close to where the scene was and as its about to begin it just blacks out and skips to the part where kotonoha hits makoto with a baseball bat, any ideas on how to fix this?


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    @lycantrophos Sounds like you didn't patch it correctly. That is the same behavior before the uncensor patch came out.


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    I just changed a few lines (adding characters actually) and its works 100% (No short path required)
    I know its a pain copying/pasting 16 GB, this will fix this problem:

     New patch.cmd Revision 1:

    @ECHO OFFSETLOCALSET errorlevel=0IF NOT EXIST Event04.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST Ex01.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST Movie04.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST MovieZ4.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST Script.GPK set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST System.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST Voice04.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST RouteProcSD.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST SysMenuSD.xdelta set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST xdelta.exe set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\RouteProcSD.dll set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\SysMenuSD.dll set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\Event04.gpk set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\Ex01.gpk set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\Movie04.gpk set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\EventZ4.gpk set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\Script.gpk set errorlevel=1IF NOT EXIST ..\Packs\System.gpk set errorlevel=1IF %errorlevel%==0 ECHO All files accounted forIF %errorlevel%==1 GOTO filemiss:preppushd ..SET shinydir=%CD%popdSET patchdir="%shinydir%\Patched"MOVE ..\RouteProcSD.dll ..\Packs\RouteProcSD.gpk >nulMOVE ..\SysMenuSd.dll ..\Packs\SysMenuSD.gpk >nulMD %patchdir%:patchECHO Patching...FOR %%g in (*.xdelta) do (	xdelta.exe -d -s "%shinydir%\Packs\%%~ng.gpk" %%g %patchdir%\%%~ng.gpk):replacefilesCOPY /Y Script.GPK ..\Packs\Script.GPK >nulMOVE /Y %patchdir%\*.GPK ..\Packs\ >nul:cleanupMOVE ..\Packs\RouteProcSD.gpk ..\RouteProcSD.dll >nulMOVE ..\Packs\SysMenuSD.gpk ..\SysMenuSD.dll >nulRD /S /Q %patchdir%:doneECHO Files patched! Enjoy your game.PAUSEEXIT:filemissECHO One or more required files is missing. Please place the patch files in ^<SHINYDAYS folder^>\patchPAUSEEXIT

    •Changelog? :
    -Adding ' " ' into 32 line

    -Adding ' " ' into 41 line
    •Download Link:

    •Same Instructions:

    1-Be sure you got the 1.01e patch installed.

    2-Place the 'patch' folder into the game folder root (Ex: X:\Muh Games\Overflow\Shiny Days US\)

    3-Paste the patchr1.cmd into the patch folder and execute it.

    4-Wait a few minutes



    And finally, sorry for my bad english.

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    Isn't it better to add the " to line 41, 47, 53 and 59 around the whole file instead of just the directory on 36?
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    @Markus S.

    I'm not an expert, its works for me with a long path and everything works well, that's why i'm sharing it, maybe someone can do a better revision.

    Also, i noticed this from the last update (1.01e):

    The SysMenuSD.dll from the 1.01e update File looks like an older version (I don't know if this affect the game actually):

    If you use the SysMenuSD (1.00d) it will take the Ex01 Update (This will change the routemap graphic) but if you use the SysMenuSD (1.01e) it will NOT take the update.


    If anyone want to see and test this problem i have a save game from the 'Banquet of Mothers Ending':

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • RelmRelm Casual Otaku
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    @Unspun Nah it's not that bad, you can use Fast Forward most of the time, crashes happen randomly when you do that for too long (especially on Full Screen mode). You can picture that as an engine who becomes overloaded after a while of working too much.

    But it's still totally usable, I Fast Forward a lot when restarting parts to try different routes. You will be forced to use it anyway, as the game is pretty much like an anime, you cant just skip text by clicking like on other VN and you dont want to hear the same thing over and over again, so Fast Forward is the only way. Just save regularly to avoid progression loss and you will be okay. Also note that everytime you save the game, press Alt+Enter twice to quit and come back to Full screen mode, it seems to reduce the crashes a lot and makes the game more stable.

    By the way it's not just on replays. You have a button that lets you go back in time to the last scene or choice, that makes trying new pathes easy. When you do that, even on new routes, you will still encounter scenes you already saw, so it's nice to be able to fast forward them to see only the new parts. (The game automatically quits Fast Forward and gets back to x1 speed when you havent seen scenes)

    Also, you dont have to play School Days to play Shiny Days, it's nice to know the characters already but it's not necessary as it is a parallel story and they are introduced again anyway.

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    Has anyone gotten the route where Makoto finds himself at the wrong end of Kotonoha's sword? That's the one route I'm struggling to get on since I have tried all options I could think of getting it.

    It's the When the Asura Flews Down  ending, which I assume is part of the restoration patch.

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    Btw is there anyway to tell if you put in the uncensor correctly or not? Aside from playing? I just ask cause I forgot I had school days so Ima start that first but I installed Shiny Days to have it ready and the patch worked fine, it says. But who nose?

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    @Unspun Reality load up a 100% save and replay a kokoro scene.


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    Damn. Guess not then. Ill just need to see if I remember this when I start the game later. =p

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    I downloaded the patch but can't extract it. I'm using 7-zip and it is telling me it can not open the rar archive any tips? 

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    nevermind. I had to re-download the file again to get it to work.

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     I think someone failed math.


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    @oliver simpson Either the flag is still not there after uncensor patch or I didn't patch it correctly. Ran the the same choices through the jpn version of the game and it definitely works on there.

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     Thanks you for your hard work and happy holliday! It great that someone took the time to release and publish this during the holidays.

  • astranabeatastranabeat Lurker
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    It's seem a bug still present, route bug. I can't go to some route like Kokoro bad end.


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    Sweet! I can play this now... after I finish up Kana Imouto.

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    @astranabeat Actually lucked into the kokoro endings earlier. Went for the Paris for Four ending which has an event where you chase kokoro. That's what you need to get the kokoro endings.
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    You mean actual Kokoro endings? not ending involve Manami or Kotonoha?

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