Complete list of censored/cut games

Is there a complete list of JAST releases with content censored or cut? I’m thinking along the lines of Shiny Days and Starless.

I’m happy JAST are working hard to bring games over, and I appreciate their work. I also appreciate the effort that undoubtedly goes into “making uncensor patches available” from various sources. However, it is misleading and unacceptable to sell games without a warning on the store page that content has been removed. I didn’t know when I bought those games, but I stumbled upon discussions afterward and then found the press releases that mentioned the cut content. I just want to make sure I can track down all the patches so I’m getting the full game I paid for and not a partial product. It should go without saying that the most extreme content (which gets cut) is often exactly the reason I seek out these adult games.

Also, does JAST continue to cut content on new releases? I read a rumor that previous cuts were due to production work being done in Canada where laws are different.

And yes I apologize for my first post here being a rant  :stuck_out_tongue: I just like my horny games too much

JAST has adopted a no censorship policy, everything released after Trample on Schatten is uncensored.

Thanks, great to hear. I believe you but did they make a public post about it?