do you thank that a adult/Kids anime store will make it

I am looking to open a adult/kid anime store cuse the anime porn is geting big in the us so do you thank that a store that sells anime porn will make it.

I will need deals so If anyone knows a site that I can buy from that would help to


Hmm, dunno off hand- sounds like a businessy type of problem to me. Still, I think that if you’re going to have adult anime and general anime, it might be best to keep them separate- lest you get into trouble with minors trying to sneak a peek at 'em and stuff

You can buy your your stock from PCR Distributing. They sell in bulk at cheaper-than-retail.

yes I was going to keep the adult and kids/teen anime separate I am going to but a wall up and you have to 18 years old are older to get in I would not mix adult anime with kids/teens anime but thanks for the post and thanks to Dark_Shiki for your

If anyone comes up with anything that can help plz post thanks

I have a recommendation for writing style:

Benoit…you do realize that link could be considered inflammatory, right? Suggesting the use of proper punctuation is one thing. Suggesting that anyone who doesn’t is “a little child” is quite another.

That said…I’m going to e-mail it to my little brothers immediately.

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Actually, i must say i’m more surprised at Benoits fresh answers and great link (sometimes a little cynic or sarcastic but that’s the ‘goddies’ price )
Would do mind telling me HOW DO U DO TO ALWAYS GET ONE OF THOSE LINK SO U CAN ALWAYS FLAME AT OTHER USERS? (i want to flame to… just a little…)

Um, it wasn’t meant as a flame, really. There’s a similar comic on the same site, but I can’t find it anymore. The original one didn’t have any “kid” reference.

Benoit, while it may not have been intended as a flame, that’s what it came off as. Note that I for the most part agree with you – someone who wants to start an online business HAS to be able to use normal English grammar if he wants to make a good impression on potential suppliers, etc. But that was a bit harsh.