How to get Kana - Little Sister working on Windows 10/11

We encountered some issues with Kana - Little Sisters together on the Discord and after finding a resolution we compiled it here for you :slight_smile:
Thanks to CanRanBan & Aglaophotis

  1. Check the Windows Feature Menu if Media Features and Legacy Components are installed

  2. Check if old DirectX versions are installed, if not install DirectX 9

  3. Install & (select everything with LAV in the name during install), Magpie will need .NET 6.0.4 Desktop Runtime ( and MSVC 2015-2022 Runtime (

  4. Install Kana - Little Sister on your C: drive in the Program Files (x86) folder

  5. Start Magpie

  6. Start Kana - Little Sister (if you see a blackscreen and the opening is not showing just click on the screen)

  7. On the title screen press “Alt”, click “Screen(G)” & Windowed(W)

  8. Now with Magpie running in the background press “Alt” & “F11” (or the shortcut you have set in Magpie)

  9. Enjoy Kana - Little Sister in fullscreen