Huge Hips, Butt?

Who would you say out of native japanese actresses has the widest and or largest butt? I’m not looking for truely obese women though she can have a belly. Idealy she’d have that hour glass figure with ginormous breast to go along with her huge glutes.

What are you looking for, a picture, or information about such a person? Why are you looking for someone like that?

Just a name would be fine, I can hunt down more than that just fine with her name alone.
Why? Well I’m trying to combine my love of one with the other. I like japanese women and I like women with wide hips, having them both in the same package would probably be better than either feature seperately. Time will tell.

Anyone else want to take a crack at this?

ayumi hamasaki

because she’s the only one i know of

there’s this asian girl at my work with a big ass

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