Missing Videos in School Days HQ?


I just recently bought School Days HQ and noticed something. All of the “video” sections seem to be missing?

For example the intro is missing:

And the dance scene never occurs in one route (I’ve only done two so far) yet it’s obvious it’s missing because theres a gap and konota starts talking about how you danced with Sekai.

Any ideas or am I just going crazy here? Since the HQ version is meant to have nothing missing I thought I’d mention it…

The install was fine and the game runs fine though…can’t imagine what the issue is other than that it’s cut for some reason?

Thanks for the purchase.

There is no opening movie in School Days HQ.

Regarding the dance scene, please post some of the dialogue you’re talking about. I’ll use it to locate the script and check if there’s something missing. Not all routes show the characters dancing.

It’s on the way to the bloody end, where you have to go to ko after spending time with Se on the roof and she says “it can’t be helped”.

Why was the intro cut? I thought it was really cool the way it changed between chapters depending on the path you were on. Seems a bit of a shame. Especially when “no cuts” was one of the key selling points. But ah well :(.

Could you tell me the ending title for that chapter?

About the intro, you’re right. I thought there were no openings, but it looks like the file that manages game flow just isn’t calling the opening videos in our version. We’ll get a patch from 0verflow as quickly as we can.

Note the videos that are missing are these ones:

They are missing from every chapter of the game.

Also, a lot of the hentai scenes have videos that are calling in the wrong order. So if you watch parts of the scene in reverse it makes sense. (this is why setsunas clothes magically go back on, hikari seems to get creamed and not creamed when your meant to pick one or the other, etc).

Even if you can get the original OP’s in it’d be better than nothing.

Pretty massive bug here, as this effectively cuts about 40 minutes of content (and the intros are really well done) from the game.

The original game OPs aren’t in SDHQ, SDHQ has new openings (which aren’t as good). Everything else is probably a bug, though.

I pointed out the missing ones above. They are the HQ ones, definitely. I agree, they aren’t as good but they -should- be there.

Would you happen to have some dialogue from that scene or recall one of the choices in the episode that led to it?