Mosaic Censorship

What is your stance on it? Some people don't mind it at all, while some others will never purchase a game that has mosaics in it. Normally I tend to fall into the latter camp, especially when it comes to nukige. I don't see at all the appeal of censored nukige when the main point of the game is to get your rocks off. I would never in a million years buy a censored nukige. For moege I guess it depends. On the one hand, the porn isn't necessarily the main focus, but on the other hand moege are a dime in a dozen with very cookie cutter plots and characters, so I don't see much of a point in reading a moege with censorship over one without, unless the story is somehow a cut above the rest (like Konosora maybe). I might break the rule if we're talking about kamiges since those usually make up for it with the writing. I'm thinking on getting the Grisaia series despite the censorship because I hear they're good.

Also, I was wondering why these eroge don't use black or white lines like they use in doujins? I find those much less distracting than mosaics.
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I think your view is pretty universally shared. If the story can stand on its own then some people may prefer a version that doesn’t include the sex, but these types of games wouldn’t normally be categorized as “nukige” an their main genre.

As for mosaics, it’s just a standard that was adopted from the AV industry. Having censorship that is too mild is risky in Japan, so sticking to a standard is the safer choice for creators and distributers.