Problem downloading patch 1.01E for Shinny days

I tried opening a ticket on the “support” site but the place seems to be deserted and nobody is taking care of the tickets for quite a while so I guess I will try my luck at the forums. I am having a problem downloading the patch 1.01E for Shinny days, when I click on the download button I get an error page instead:

When I try to download the 1.01E update file I get this error instead that reads:

`NoSuchKey` The specified key does not exist. jast008/ ---Deleted for security reasons------ ---Deleted for security reasons------

Is there any way to download the patch or fix this error? I haven’t installed Shinny days since from what I have read this patch seems to be fix some pretty ugly errors, please help.

Ok, looks like the editor deleted most of the error text so I will strip the xml tags:


Code NoSuchKey /Code
Message The specified key does not exist. /Message
Key jast008/ /Key
RequestId -Deleted for security reasons- /RequestId
-Deleted for security reasons-

JAST took the patch down a while ago. I’ve mirrored it on my site.

@sanahtlig said:
JAST took the patch down a while ago. I’ve mirrored it on my site.
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Awesome man, thank you. Now I wonder, why would they take the patch down? is it not needed anymore ?

The patch was flagged by Google as a virus and thus got the entire site labeled as malicious. That’s bad for business.

Makes perfect sense(well, more less…), thanks for the help @sanahtlig. Hope JAST continue to give us more awesome games in the future.