Remebering The Important Things...

If any of you remeber, some point during the first long argument over V-Mate, I excused myself from the whole fighting for a few days, to see a friend with cancer.

The news came in to everyone from his sister. Yesterday, Dave passed away at 3:49am. He looked peaceful and had a small smile on his face. Shortly before he passed his friends and family surrounded him and we said goodbye.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to take some time off once more.

That sucks.

Be strong, and good luck. I don’t know what more to say…

I am sorry to hear about it.

I like to give my condolence to Dave’s family and friends.

I am very sorry to hear this. My condolence to Dave’s family, i know how u feel my mother died in cancer a few years back. It is important to remember all the good times u have had with your friend so u remember him with a smile.

Be strong, keep it up, hold him fond on your memories and just remember that the best thing you can do is live a fullfiling life, not only for you but for those who passed away and were dear to you.

Be strong.

My condolences to everyone that hold Dave dear (family, friends, everyone.)

I never had to say it on english so i might havesound “not serious”, but believe, i was