Resetting save in My Girlfriend is the President?

I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game but I can’t get the game to delete my save so I can start all over again, and I have tried looking for the save folder of the game everywhere, but I can’t find it.


If your using any OS beyond XP then the save folder would most likely be in the following location.


*Username would relate the the name of the user account your using at the time

#To view the AppData folder you need to have hidden files and folders visible.

I’m using XP actually.

There should be a save data folder or a save file with the .sav extension in the same folder that the game is installed (if it’s the former, then deleting the save00 file will allow you to start from scratch), or you could compare the data from the installation source to what is installed to track down the save file.

I don’t actually own the game, but most of the save practices would be identical to either of those I’ve mentioned.

No good, I can find my save for Princess Waltz and other games, but there is nothing for My Girlfriend is the President.

Maybe JAST changed the installer or something… I don’t know… I have looked everywhere on the system.

Look in C:\Documents and Settings\{your user name}\My Documents\Alcot
If it’s not there, look in C:\Documents and Settings\{your user name}\Application Data\Alcot

This is assuming JAST did NOT change this in the installer, btw, as this is where the original game installs its savedata.

Thank you very much that helped ^^