School Days HQ download edition - Install problem


I tried to install the game today, but it encounter a problem when installing like there is some corrupt files, the installer always stop at the file Event02.GPK, i tried to download again but it always stop at this point like you can see in the attachment.
I also tried running it as an administrator, but it give me the same error.

Hope you can help me on this issue, here is my PC specifications if you want them:
CPU: I7 930@2.8ghz
MB: Asus P6T
RAM: 6go (3x2go) G.Skill Kit Extreme3 PC12800 CAS 7 PI Series - triple channel
GC: MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr II/OC - 1.5Go DDR5
OS: Windows 7 64bits Ultimate

Thanks in advance.

So no one else have this problem with this version ?
I bought the game on J-list and used the links they provide me, i downloaded all parts 2 times already, but stille same issue.
I had to download an ISO of the game to install and play it, but its a shame to do that when you legally buy the game and are unable to use official files, so i still report the error for futur installation.

It would be my guess that it isn’t so much that nobody else is having a problem, as it is that you are the only person on this forum with this problem (so far). Most of us on the forum who got the game pre-ordered it on disc because of how large it is (and many of us wanted Collector’s Edition bonuses).

I think people HAVE had this problem- because I distinctly remember seeing reports of people complaining that the disc version they got couldn’t install and kept breaking at Event02.gpk. The solution given each time is just to copy the files into the place you want to install the game and run it from there. Can you do that with the download version?

Nope, and that’s the problem because every parts are in .bin, and those cannot be mount with Daemon Tools or extract with Winrar, so i cannot copy what’s inside onto my hard drive.
I can try with a software like Winiso, but i don’t think it will work because those aren’t really a disc image files.

Oh that’s what i thought for a moment, but i wasn’t sure, like you say there was something different on the download page not long after that, and yeah the installer was inside a zip file.
I will download all parts again to check that, thanks for notifying this.

It’s late but this should be useful to any new buyers.

  1. Download and run this program: … cker.shtml
  2. Select “Verify an MD5 checksum.”
  3. Paste a code from the list below into the first field.
  4. Click browse and select the corresponding file from your School Days download files.
  5. It should tell you if the checksum matches.
  6. If the checksum does not match, it means you got a corrupt or incomplete download of that file. Redownload that file and try again.

Installer fd2b6226a2e00ea8fded63ddcd0f8804
File 1 3c71686dab6c785613ae3562b18e9c9b
File 2 c15519fa8428501e1b4ffb5749bf6370
File 3 a04cc4f31391b0e82773cae427876975
File 4 a5b8d432e21ae24df431b9faa593a227
File 5 645eb2fb1462b6dd799797d66438545d
File 6 b17f3c2908b278302ac751df89fac583
File 7 74425cdcaf540b9eb99a2b9f7e6ff7b4
File 8 fff27ae82357c3cd54ad53433363b8a0
File 9 2867e6a1143ee134788a58c8eb5e0707
File 10 a91dd9dc85d5a6fdbf55912fa19a012d
File 11 15f2dacbe7f00c672951ffdfbf9b2714
File 12 549a2d4523eee6b755e0bdb951d58b82
File 13 42bc34ee92caa291c832c1e2fdb26f39
File 14 b5b2e4bd603f1ef42a97c4a045f651c7

This is from JList support so the site should be safe.