School Days HQ ... other problems

I may have goofed where I made my first post … in the School Days FAQ thread … it may have more belonged in this section

I had no problem installing the game … and for the most part it seems to run ok

I have an Acer netbook with a 64bit dual core cpu (AMD C-60 APU with Radeon HD graphics, 1.0 Ghz , with 4 Gb RAM (3.73 GB useable), and running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium (service pack 1), with all subsequent updates installed …

the problems I am seeing right away is it seems to be set on an “ignore the user” mode … part of the time the space bar/pause doesnt even work … and you get almost no time to actually move your eyes from the bottom of the screen where you are reading the dialog once any choices pop up on the main screen … I have the “auto” mode set to off … it would be nice to actually have enough time to shift my field of view up from the bottom of the screen and have enough time to actually read the choices that have been displayed, and at least a few second to think about which I want to do … before the program ignores me and move on it’s merry way to whatever choice IT wants

I looked through the Options screens, and there are none to address that … you can only decide to set “auto” to on or off … (I also have the “skip until next decision” set to off

The pause function is supposed to be disabled during choices. Is it behaving strangely during normal playback too?

In auto mode, the game makes choices for you. With auto mode disabled, you have around five seconds for each choice before you Time Out. I’m sorry for the need to move your eyes to the center of the screen, but we couldn’t fit the choices at the bottom.

yes … it only ever works occasionally … I have tried it during normal gameplay and it only works about half of the time

I understand what you are saying about the choices being placed mid-screen … Yume Miru Kusuri is the same way … the difference being is that Yume does not have a time function … the screens only change when you click on something (or just click anywhere on the screen) … which gives a user time to shift his field of view so they can read what has popped up on mid-screen and then decide what choice they want to make

a game that can play itself without need for a user, is kind of pointless for the person who bought it

I’ve noticed you can easily re-create a lot of issues by setting fast forward to 32x specifically. For example, the choice to practise with Sekai in the hallway disappears if you hit it on 32x forward.

the problem with that is … I dont use the fast-forward … at all