School Days HQ Patch Thread - Patch Updated 8/13/12

Patch 1.02

  • Fixed bug that was causing widescreen mode to use the wrong resolution.

Patch 1.01

  • Modified game to use a single CPU by default. Thanks Xilexio.

  • Opening movies now play in every episode after the first.

  • Fixed bug where sound disappears until you delete config.dat.

  • Fixed bug where skipping scenes skips choices.

  • Patched bug where skipping traps you on a blank screen. If this bug would trigger, it will now return you to the script it left instead of sending you nowhere.

  • Fixed various scripting and textual issues, including missing subtitles and rogue Japanese characters.

To apply the patch, just install to your School Days install directory.

Please inform us of any issues you may have after applying the patch.

I’m glad this is patched, it’s working perfectly for me and now all the videos that were missing seem to be there.

Thats about 5%-10% of the game that was missing put back where it belongs :D.

Good work. Just a shame about the bug is on the gold master, since it’s such a biggie.

That’s strange. We’ll look into it, but until we can figure it out I recommend not using widescreen.

Okay, what am I missing here?

I run the patch and try to install it in the School Days folder (C:/Overflow/School Days). “New Folder” is appended to the file path, which I have to delete in order to proceed. I confirm, and a message window pops up telling me the folder already exists, and do I want to install to that folder anyway. I’m confused but confirm. “Your game was successfully installed!”. I run the game and it’s still version 1.00.

Not sure if it’s relevant or not, but originally I had to copy the files from the game discs to the HDD because the installer kept crashing.

EDIT: tried running as admin and, lo and behold, ver1.01 says hello. Problem solved, I guess?

Just a heads up, Download the latest updates (Released 13 August 2013) from Microsoft to fix the video issues with Shool Days HQ.