School Days HQ - Scene Continuity Issues

Hi. The scripting for this scene appears to be broken. We’re working on it now.

Similar occurence:

[spoiler]Aiming at Kotonoha’s ending, declined the offer to “practice” with Sekai, barely made any “Sekai choices” after that.

However, Sekai’s inner monologue in Episode 6 (when she’s moping about missed opportunities with Makoto) suggests that Makoto told her that he loved her and she ran away. That never happened on this playthrough.[/spoiler]

I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be (i.e. it’s an oversight) or if it’s a script error.

That sounds like it was an oversight and probably not something we can fix without rewriting a large portion of the game. Do you happen to know which episodes (ending titles) you went through to get there?

I didn’t pay attention to the episode titles, but I can provide screenshots of the in-game route map if you’d like. I started a second playthrough already, but didn’t get far, so the map should be fairly representative.

Same thing happened here, only in my playthrough Makoto didn’t even get the chance to turn down Sekai’s offer; he declined automatically. I’m guessing this is because I was too far along Kotonoha’s route at this point?

In addition to the Sekai monologues, Makoto was also admonished by Nanami, whose dialogue left no doubt that she thought Makoto and Sekai were going out. Just after that, Sekai told Nanami that she’d just “been dumped”.

That shouldn’t happen, there should be a single choice “It’s not right” or something like that. At least that’s how it was on my Kotonoha-heavy playthrough

All of Sekai’s friends pretty much assume that Makoto is her boyfriend right until the end. I think it was supposed to be that way, because nobody in School Days is actually listening to what other people are telling them. :lol:

Yes, you’re right, that is what happened. But there’s something not quite right because during my second playthrough I reached that decision again, and despite the affection meter being roughly in the middle, there was only the option to decline. I selected it but immediately thought “this can’t be right” and wondered what would happen if Makoto said nothing. So I went back, and lo and behold, this time two dialogue options were there. Then that sly dog Makoto went and got himself some “practice” :twisted:

Must be a bug.

nvm, I can’t read

Rewinding to redo choice may cause problems with flags and affection levels in some cases. We are currently looking at this and other problems. Whether you can choose Yes/No or just No in that scene with Sekai depends on affection levels.

Please. Any information on what you did is helpful.

Alright, here are the route map screens: Episode 1 Episode 2 (overlapping with second playthrough. either way, neither of the two playthroughs include any scenes with Makoto confessing to Sekai) Episode 3, Part 1 Episode 3, Part 2 Episode 4, Part 1 Episode 4, Part 2 Episode 5, Part 1 Episode 5, Part 2 (the line that starts pink and turns yellow, no “lit” spheres) Episode 6

Hope that helps.

In Episode 4, when Kotonoha and Makoto go to the break room, right after Makoto says “Wow”, there are about 2 lines of untranslated dialogue.

@Russo_Turisto: I can’t be sure without knowing exactly which choices you made, but judging by your route map, it looks like this is a writing oversight instead of a scripting error. If you remember or can reproduce your choices, I’ll check them against the scripting.

@MEanime: Thanks. We’ll fix that.

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to reproduce that, considering how many choices there are. I also think that writing oversights are most likely at fault. There are a few more:

One where Makoto decides not to go to the pool, and later complains that he’s exhausted because of the pool party, and another where he refuses to let Kotonoha into his home, and right after that she’s miraculously inside, drinking tea and trying to seduce him.

I noticed another continuity error. IIRC Kotonoha is talking to her mother and sister about Makoto, and at one point they ask her if he’s coming to their house again. In this particular route Makoto had most definitely not been there at all. Unfortunately I can’t remember any specific details about this route, and my route map is half-full now.

In Episode 4 After Makoto and Kotonoha go to the Class 3 cafe and later end up in the break room, one of the choices is “Are you a virgin?” If I select that, Makoto continues with “I’ll guide you through it”, which is the other choice.

In Episode 5, from Episode 4 “Waiting in Vain” when Sekai and Makoto first meet, if you wait, there is a video issue right after that. Their mouths are not positioned correctly.

If you skip backwards from Episode 4 “Premature Feelings, Discarded Feelings” the scenes going backwards end up in a 3 scene loop after you go past the scene when Taisuke and Katsura talk.

Right before the end of Episode 5 “The Poolside Kiss” a random mouth appears in the scene when Sekai and Makoto sit down poolside.

In Episode 5, from Episode 4 “The One I Truly Love”, there is a random mouth when Otome and Makoto eat together. Sorry for all these individual posts, but I’m noting errors as I get to them.

Thanks, MEanime. We’ll look into those problems.