schooldays hq ... uninstalling and tossing in trash

well … I tried it … and to be perfectly blunt about it … [color=#FF0000]this game is CRAP![/color]

besides the steadily growing list of problems that others, and I, have listed in other threads … I have also noticed that this game likes to make your cursor disappear … I am not talking about the “sleep mode” that hides your cursor after a few seconds while you are watching a scene and then it pops back into view as soon as you move your mouse … what I am talking about is your cursor completely disappears from the screen altogether until you move your mouse far enough that the cursor appears outside the game window, and sometimes it takes doing that a couple of times before the cursor will show up in the game window again

also … and yet more additions to the list of bad points about the game … for the most part the dialog is completely retarded. Makoto makes Forrest Gump look like a totally smooth operator, and much of the rest of the dialog is just as retarded … also, choices that are counter-intuitive, I can see why people have to use a walk through to get any sort of decent ending, because the choices you have to pick from are for the most part idiotic … and, the complete inability to make any meaningful choices, such as the inability to say NO to Sekai about going to the folk dance with her (right after having sex with Kotonoha) which would be completely inappropriate

this is NOT a “dating sim” … it is a very poor quality, slightly interactive “graphic novel”

[color=#FF0000]as I said above … this game is CRAP![/color] … and I am going to remove it from my computer and toss it in the trash where it belongs!

That’s what School Days is about - a complete moron of a protagonist, slightly less stupid heroines, a complete trainwreck of a story with quite a few fuck-ups from all the characters. That’s what made School Days famous. That’s what people who did proper RESEARCH before playing (and those familiar with the VN via other channels, such as the School Days anime) expect from it.

If you were looking for a good pure romance story, you’ve just picked the wrong title. A very very wrong title.

Yeah, if you wanted a pure romance game… definitely got the wrong game. I knew what I am getting into. I, myself, am gonna save before Makoto gets knifed by Sekai, so I can watch that jerk get what he deserves.

I was not looking for a “pure romance” game … I liked Yume Miru Kusuri (the version I played was NOT a JAST edition, and it worked just fine)

but I was also not looking for a game that doesnt even need a human user to work … and I most definitely was NOT looking for a game that had so many problems, especially some that JAST wont bother fixing because according to them it would take too much effort to rework enough of the game to fix the screw ups

no, I had never seen the original School Days anime … I made the very sad mistake of actually looking at all the HYPE given on JList about how this was a much better new version of the original … and I might send an email to “PeterinJapan” about the FACTS that the JAST version of the game has more bugs that it is worth, and he might want to appoloogize to everyone who bought it … and members of the manga and anime forums I belong to would probably also appreciate a heads up on a game to avoid purchasing

JAST got my money once … and will never get any more

We’re sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We are currently working to resolve several issues with stability and performance, and we’ll be sure to look into this “disappearing cursor” you mentioned.

I assume that you’re referring to this post.

We are looking into all reports of possible continuity issues with the game. Some, like the first poster’s, are due to missing flags. In this case, it’s just a matter of adding the flag so that the game goes to the correct script.

For others, like the second poster’s, there may simply not be an alternate script for that scene available. If this is the case, there’s nothing we can do.

Since the second poster’s problem spans several episodes, it may also have been caused by missing flags, rewind and skip bugs, or other issues. These are problems we are working on.