Shiny Days Almost Unplayable For Me!

I opened up a support ticket over 12 days ago about problems I’m having with Shiny Days as I can’t make any progress in the game because it keeps crashing and freezing on me. I also can’t download the Bug Fix patch because you guys don’t have it available for download. I just bought this game and I’m disappointed that I can’t enjoy it because I’m having so many problems and I haven’t had any response to my support ticket.

I uploaded a mirror of the bugfix patch on my blog. I wouldn’t recommend playing the game without it.
Sanahtlig’s Corner: Shiny Days restore patch released + Installation guide

I downloaded the bugfix patch but the game still constantly freezes on me. I have to force quit out of the game about every 5 minutes as it just freezes up. Is this supposed to happen? I’ve never had this problem with School Days or any other game released by JAST USA.

Sounds like a graphics card issue. Have you tried playing the game in windowed mode with all monitors except the primary monitor disabled? Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed? What’s your video card?

I have played the game in windowed mode. I only have one monitor and I have the latest drivers for my graphics card which is a Geforce GTX 970. Still have the problem of constant freezing.

Did you try disabling the integrated graphics card in the BIOS?

@Benjamin_Lopez did you try disabling the integrated graphics card like @sanahtlig suggested? Did you have any luck? Also, what system are you running it on?

@Gobbo I disabled my intergrated graphics card like @sanahtlig suggested but I still have the same issue of constant freezing. My system specs are as follows:

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit
AMD FX - 6300 Six-Core Processor
16 GB Ram
MSI Nividia GeForce GTX 970
1 TB Hard Drive

I also submitted a support ticket #4443 over 34 days ago and have had no response at all. I love the work you do JAST USA but this isn’t cool.

Hello Benjamin_Lopez I messaged the admin about your support ticket I hope this gets resolved soon.

@Benjamin_Lopez have you tried running the game in compatibility mode?

My other suggestions would be to check you have the latest drivers etc. @sanahtlig and @Makina76 do you think the CCCP driver will help in this case?

Replacing codecs could be worth a shot. I don’t remember how reliant the Days series is on video codecs.

So I tried playing in windows 7 compatibility mode before and still had the same issues. I went to check right now to try it again and I realized that I had been playing in windows 7 compatibility mode all this time. So I turned the windows 7 compatibility mode off and it’s crazy but the issue of was having of constant freezing seems to have stopped. I will keep you guys posted if the problem comes back but it seems to have fixed itself after turning off compatibility mode. Thank you guys for all the support. Even though it should be the job of JAST to do the support not you guys. Thank you!

Sorry about that. Unfortunately your request came up around con season, which means everyone is either running around like a headless chicken or recovering from running around like a headless chicken. Feel free to tag me / PM me and I’ll do what I can.

Also, thanks to our excellent mods, they are always willing to help and very knowledgeable.