Shiny Days cant play

I got my game installed & patched but i keep getting a EXEMODULE window saying :Graphicbase??? error then closes the game. just bought the game last night.

changed something in properties, now im getting a EXEMODULE window saying SOUNDBASE??????... please help

Did you disable your antivirus software (during download, during installation, before and during patching, and before running the game), update directX, and update your graphics drivers?

Also, please switch your locale to Japanese and take a screenshot of the error with proper Japanese instead of question marks.

Also, you'll want to read this guide thoroughly and try every fix:

Yep, i followed your restoration patch guide. lemme show you a screen shot of the error. Yep, ready through that guide too. cant find anything similar to my error.

That error reads:

"Error initializing SoundBase

Failed to obtain property information."



Sounds like it could be a permissions error maybe? †Looks like the game engine is throwing the error, since it's in Japanese.

Any idea what I should do?

Could be a DirectX error. Do other games that use DirectX work?

Could be a permissions error, in which case you'd need to disable your security software / user account control.

If it were me, I'd put the Japanese error into Google and look for Japanese users with the same issue.

This exchange looks relevant, but my Japanese isn't good enough to understand it at a glance.

Also, I'd recommend not applying the restoration patch until you've gotten past this error. Start from scratch without the restoration patch. You don't want to add unnecessary variables.

Yeah, just recently updated my directx last month so i could play Blade and Soul online Closed beta, bought a Higurashi Onikakushi too and its working fine. Yeah, i tried everything from playing it with and without the patches/restoration patch. Im very grateful for your replies and help btw. imma try and look up through google too.

just installed directx9 even though i also have directx11. I've been looking for a solution online all day but no luck. I guess im just gonna hope and wait for JastUsa to reply on the ticket/message i sent them.

Just upgraded to Windows 10 hoping i could play this, but now its still giving me the graphicsbase error again, heres a pic , hoping someone could help me fix this

Do you have integrated graphics or discrete graphics? If discrete, disable it and try to play the game with integrated graphics instead.