Song of Saya Digital Soundtrack

Not really a new game suggestion but I don’t know if there is a more appropriate section for this question/suggestion.

Any chance that Song of Saya’s soundtrack will be released as a digital product? Or will it always be exclusive to the boxed version of the game?

Due to some existing licensing agreements, the rights to release the soundtrack as a digital product is sadly hard/impossible.

"A list of brands isn’t all that useful.“

Which is why I didn’t just make a list of companies (in one post) but included my top picks for these brands with links to VNDB and the official Galleries. It makes more sense for JAST to pursue a company that has more than just one good title they might want to license. Interestingly enough “a list of brands” appears to be exactly what MG is looking for based on 
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"When I said, “Would you care to explain why you’re requesting these titles,” I didn’t mean defend your actions. I meant actually explain why you want these titles.