Ne ne, what do you want, oniichan?

We’d like to start a thread about what games people would like to see us consider in the future. Of course we’re not magic and localization is hard work, but if there is enough interest in something we’ll take a stab at making it available to you.

So, what kinds of games would you like to see us release in the coming years?

Okay. Well, from partners you’ve already worked with:

Nitroplus / 5PB

Moar Steins;Gate NAO!
- Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling and Steins;Gate Senkei K?soku no Phenogram please :slight_smile:
And the other games in the series - Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes

Gekkou no Carnevale -
If someone wrote a story featuring androids and werewolves and made it cool, I want it.
Full Metal Daemon Muramasa - This also sounds really interesting
Kishin Hishou Demonbane - Sequel to Demonbane? Sign me up.

If My Heart Had Wings - I heard you say you were interested in bringing this over, Peter; please do. The game itself looks really interesting; MoeNovel just ruined it with censorship.

1. Yumina the Ethereal "Forever Dreams" Fandisc -- This is easily the number one thing on my wishlist. I freaking loved the original game, so wanting the fandisc is a no-brainer. Just throwing this out there, but this is also a case where it might be worth re-releasing the original game along with it in a limited edition. Yes, that's partially the fanboy in me talking, but on a less positive note, the original physical edition of Yumina was extremely buggy (it required about five patches within 3 months, if memory serves). A release of the fandisc could also be a good opportunity to release a more finished, flawless package edition for the original. If you throw in a soundtrack, I'll throw dollar bills at you like confetti. LOL

2. The "Monster Girl Quest" Games -- Right now, pirated editions of this are selling at a pretty fast clip on eBay. The success of the manga Monster Musume shows that there's a certain amount of popular appetite for this genre right now, so I'd say go ahead and cash in on that if you think it looks promising.

3. Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer -- This is a Nitroplus title, so you already have a bit of an "in" there...

4. Anything funny. Heartwarming is great, as is action-packed, as is sexy, but nothing pulls me in like the promise of a story that will make me crack up time after time.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

I'm hoping for more gameplay titles.

1. Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona: Sequel to Yumina the Ethereal and Eternal's latest title.

2. Any Eushully title (the Ikusa Megami series is especially good)

3. Venus Blood series: tentacle ero + strong gameplay + strong plot. Developed by Ninetail / Dualtail.

I'm a huge fan of Overflow's School Day series but other than Cross Days there's nothing left to localize. On top of that, there's barely any other developers of interactive movies, much less ones that are as immersive as the School Days series.

To add to my last post, I guess what I'm looking for is VNs with a high degree of interactivity. That might come through gameplay or a highly branching narrative that depends on your choices. Elf's Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2 is a good example of an effective highly branching narrative, though it's getting a bit old.

Dark_Shiki, we totally love to get gameplay titles when we can. I trust you've been playing Littlewitch Romanesque? It's got among the best gameplay of any titles we've seen, outside of straight RPG like titles.

I have played Littlewitch Romanesque. I agree it's one of the best gameplay eroge officially released in English, alongside Yumina the Ethereal. I played through Seinarukana in Japanese a few years back but I'm also looking forward to a second playthrough in English. I admit I'm not uninterested in Raidy III either.

@Dark_Shiki LWR is pretty fun, I agree. Raidy III is looking to be pretty sweet as well. We're currently determining what we'll be adding the to the limited edition package version.

I've seen some Raidy doujinshis floating around. As they show off one of the series' best assets (its art), I think they'd make strong candidates for LE items (physical or digital format).

How about more tearjerkers like Kana or, conversely, more witchcraft and sex. I also like teacher-student orgies and tentacles. You got any tentacle eroge?

@Bamboo, good suggestions. Having just come off of mastering the Kana re-make, I'd love more games of that quality. Having to play-test Kana 25 times to test the scripts was not easy to do with dry eyes...

Traps. Not really yaoi, just traps.

More games that have a similar length to Saya No Uta. As I’ve gotten older, I have less time to spend goofing around. Short games are something I can appreciate a lot more now than when I was, say, 20 and had 3 or 4 days off a week sometimes to do whatever. I’m in my 30s now and I work upwards of 55 hours a week sometimes. Doesn’t leave much time for games, and I always become hesitant to start a long game because I never know if I’ll be able to finish.

I’ll second BillyBob on the “short games” request, for similar reasons. I certainly don’t mind playing through the occasional long game, especially if it’s pretty obviously high-quality (ex. Littlewitch), but I always approach them with a bit of trepidation because it’s a big time commitment when there isn’t always a lot of that (time) to go around. It’s nice to have the option of playing through a shorter story told well. Given its comparatively low price, will Hanachirasu fit into that “shorter game” niche, maybe?

With that said, I definitely wouldn’t be a fan of getting on board the “5 minute crap nukige” bus. MangaGamer has been bringing over a lot of games like Royal Guard Melissa and Hypno-Training My Mother and Sister* lately, but that’s a monopoly they can keep as far as I’m concerned. Quality over quantity! (*P.S. Hopefully I didn’t just insult someone’s favorite game… different strokes for different folks.)

Also, BillyBob, while you’re waiting for traps, attached is some classic double-trap-tendre to tide you over.

Yeah, those aren’t my favorite either. But to be fair to MG, that company came to them and said “we want in, please release our stuff”. Considering that just getting companies to talk to us is often the hardest part, I can’t really blame them for saying “well okay, sure”. Besides, there’s enough room in the market for a few released of that type.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure Hanachirasu’s fairly short. Not just because of the price, but because the whole point behind the Hanachirasu / Saya no Uta bundle that Jast originally wanted to do was they were both shorter games. But it doesn’t really matter to me - after my experiences with the rest of Nitroplus’ catalog, I am interested in anything they put out. (Like I said a few posts up - Gekkou no Carnevale nao pls kthnxbye)

As for traps, I’m not sure there’s ever been a English release for a game with a trap winnable character before. Not really any futa either. I know there’s a reverse trap (in Hinata Bokko), and there was a futa or something in a really old game called Time Stripper Mako. So I’ll go ahead and +1 that suggestion just because we haven’t seen either of those before really.

Also, it is really quite nice that you can actually markup text using ctrl-combos. Ctrl-K will even open up the link dialog! As much as there’s a lack of feature parity with the old forum, that is super nice.

Just registered here to give my two cents.

Well, I personally have to agree with Dark_Shiki, interactivity is great in VN's/Eroge. I personally noticed, that I used to read game without any sort of actual gameplay aspects like Shuffle!, but by now I just don't want pure text anymore, but atleast some sort of interactable system that keeps my interested in playing.
I pre-ordered Littlewith Romanesque once I heard it and it is great, even played throught it multiple times (three times, four times? I don't know anymore.).
On one hand, this aspect of an (in my opinion) intriguing Visual Novel is just one point.
I wouldn't want to see cheesy Nukige with mediocre gameplay, but indeed relatively short stories with great CG's and/or a neat gameplay that compensates for the other aspect.
So in other words, either something that has great gameplay, or great artwork and and an interesting story/background of the game.
Something like this:

The gameplay aspect:

The artwork/background aspect:

Well, those are just my personal opinions though, but I guess you know what I mean. :)
If others will think alike is something different though.
Some of these games actually got fantranslations, too.
I don't know Jast USA's stance about this, but it could help speed up development, in case enough people would like to see one of these title's as well.

Clickable links where art thou...?

Nice to see a few familiar faces around here. :)

Actually, I forgot to add those links as clickable ones... sorry about that.
It doesn't hinder checking out the vndb entries though.
What do you think about these titles, Dark_Shiki?

I looked at the links before but I can't remember them well enough to comment (hint, hint).

*sigh* I get you. ^-^''

I was talking about those two categories of games, you know.

The one with gameplay value:

and the ones with great artwork/intriguing background:

Is that better? :P
Jokes aside, what do you think about these titles and their respective genres, would they be a good choice?
I don't know what exactly Jast USA is looking for, after all.