Official Post about Shiny Days

![Shiny Days box](upload://k4JTImQhelvT20ZLNZRhQ2noq1M.jpeg)This is an official thread about Shiny Days, the sequel to School Days and an "HQ" remake of Summer Days with lots of additional content and routes added. The game is up for preorder on JAST USA (download version only) and J-List (Limited Edition package version), and we hope all fans will order the version they want to own.

One note about the Days series: a lot of fans have seen the School Days anime, which is extremely dark, and assume School Days the game is the same. It's not nearly as dark, and only 4-5 of the endings involved death and/or dismemberment. If you avoided playing the School Days game because of the anime, you're really missing out. Shiny Days is similarly a much lighter story that fans of the characters should love, which has a lot of great drama, sex, and interesting relationships criss-crossing back and forth.

The Limited Edition of Shiny Days will include:

  • The full game on two dual-layer DVDs (18 GB total install).
  • A download edition key sent by email, so you can start playing on the release date.
  • An original mousepad with new art by Junji Goto.
  • A gorgeous 48 page artbook with glossy art from the Days series games.
  • Illustration card and manual.
  • A large Japan-style game box.
  • A collectible download card w/code (for users who don't have optical drives attached to their computers).

As expected, some content will not be included with our shipping version, principally a few specific scenes with Kokoro and her classmate are being omitted. All other game content is included, and all visuals are 100% uncensored and mosaic free. We hope fans will be understanding of the need to not have these scenes in the shipping version, which we have to do both to avoid problems for ourselves and our customers as well as visual novels as a wider genre, which are really beginning to take off in popularity.

While there will not be any kind of official patch to fix these scenes by us, we're confident the Internet will make such a patch for fans who want this content back in the game.

We hope everyone is as excited about Shiny Days as we are. The game is nearly done and should be shipping in June or July.

Well, as expected I am not ordering this. I was even going to get the limited edition but now you are not getting a penny from me. I understand why you “cut” the content, but I still won’t support an incomplete, butchered, version of a game. If this is what “official” releases are in the west, then long live piracy. (Hopefully that doesn’t get me banned). I hope that others do the same, we need more fans with enough integrity to stand against censored releases. All of that hype and waiting was for nothing. At least I saved forty bucks though. I can put that money towards something of value. Again, I know why you did this, but that doesn’t mean I have to respect your decision. I don’t even think I will get the Grisaia games, (Despite loving the unofficial release of the first one). I don’t want to support this company ever again.

@Ronald: I think the bigger issue is if JAST were to make releases that would put them in legal trouble (and I guess that would also apply to the people who bought the product if they lived in an area with similar laws).

Understood, @Ronald. We understand your position, but sometimes we have no choice. In this particular case, forcing the issue would have caused staff members and translators to quit, and make the game impossible to release. Hopefully you'll come around, perhaps when the Internet makes a restoration patch, which I'm sure will happen.

(Concerns of the kind Ronald are expressing are one reason we're printing way fewer copies of the Limited Editions of Starless and Shiny Days than we normally would. It would be kind of awesome have us sell out quickly, and fans who were boycotting us end up having to buy copies for $100 on eBay when they re-think their positions and decide to support the many people who worked on this game for a year.)

@Kisaten I already said I understand. It is certainly a legal gray area. Still, that doesn’t mean I have to pay for an incomplete product. The same would apply if a western release of an RPG removed a party member. I don’t feel like being insulted as a western consumer with a watered down product.

Although I've already seen the Kokoro scenes I'm curious as to what the scenes with her classmate are. I don't think I've seen those.. I'm pretty excited to see this game, very hopeful of that patch. I've been a big follower of 0verflows stuff since the beginning. I've waited since Shiny days originally released always hoping for an English translation! Thanks so much for bringing it over <3 Hope Shiny Days does well!! I really would love to see you bring over Cross Days and Strip Battle Days. Yet SBD would be hard since it includes the content you removed from Shiny Days. Very excited for this game yay thanks so much JAST/Jlist!

@Peter Payne. You are still cool Peter. I won’t be coming around though. Even if a restoration patch is released it will be censored like the Japanese version. I think I am going to avoid visual novel releases in the west from here on out. Not to sound like a jerk, but I don’t care how long the translators worked on this game. If their “moral objections” are part of why it was censored, I certainly don’t want to give them my money. I don’t know why an easily offended coward would get a job working in the eroge industry in the first place. Again, sorry for my harsh tone, but I have zero tolerance for proponents of censorship. Especially in light of the increasingly vocal “anti lolicon crusaders” in the anime community. I wish you the best though Peter, you are better than most forum mods.

Made an account just to type this.

@Peter Payne I love visual novels and have played tons of them and plan on playing lots more, but this won’t be one of them. But if the reason your going to get rid of scenes because "forcing the issue would have caused staff members and translators to quit"
You need some new staff members, working in this Industry you have to have thick skinned people, if they have some sort of “Moral Objection” They shouldn’t even be working there.
I want the whole game, not part of the game.

@Matthew Zielinski I am in complete agreement. Imagine if Quinton Tarantino had to cut scenes from one of his movies because some of the actors felt uncomfortable. Leonardo DiCaprio felt extremely uncomfortable throughout filming Django Unchained, but he is a professional so he went with it. Because of this he turned in “arguably” his best performance yet. I get that this isn’t Hollywood and that no other translators were probably available, but it is still the gold standard. I hope to see more fans like you and hope that we are not dismissed as “whiny neckbeards” simply for standing against an incomplete product. It is the people who stood up for freedom who got The Interview released. I doubt that Jast will budge, but we can send them a message at the very least.


"It would be kind of awesome have us sell out quickly,and fans who were boycotting us end up having to buy copies for $100 oneBay..."

But Peter, you must be aware this will never happen. People like myself who, due toaltered/removed content, are refusing to buy packaged editions of titles like"Starless" and "Shiny Days" are doing so specificallybecause the physical versions of these games will always be incomplete. The Internet can create all the patches itwants, but those patches make no difference to the content of the games as itexists on-disc, which ultimately diminishes the attractiveness of these titlesas physical collectibles.

I appreciate the effort J-List/JAST appear to be puttinginto their packaged editions, especially the various accoutrements, but if thecompany is going to continue licensing titles it knows from the start will needto have content altered/removed, it should have a better response to this issuethan asking consumers to accept unofficial patches to reinstate content inphysical releases.

I will purchase this and Starless if some how that restoring patch you thing will be release have uncensored CGs. If the patch really come but have Cgs censor just like japan version then no buy.

All game that I’m waiting to buy are all censored, Grisaia, Starless and Shinning days. It’s sad the game come but in butchered state.
It feel wrong to have censored VN in my collection .

Exactly 14 minutes ago I placed my preorder for shiny days and starless, i just thought i would let everyone know.


I was watching the Shiny Days opening song and you mentioned this game would be dubbed..? In English? Perhaps that was a mistake in your writing that it'd be dubbed in English, but I'd like to know if those comments are serious or not. Subs>dubs

(Ops just realized D and S are literally just next to each other, but still you should probably edit the youtube comment)

Just register to post this.

Like many people have said, this is an incredibly shitty deal for collectors who like owning complete and uncensored eroge. Still, I hope you guys can provide a patch or whatever to restore the scenes, and it best be uncensored too.

I wouldn't buy the physical version either ways, but if the patch does somehow come through, I'm just gonna buy the digital version, download the patch and play it that way.

Just hope that this is really a problem on the legal side of thing (though most likely not because MangaGamer has released games with loli content before), and not because translators acting uppity and fucking over consumers.

I've been looking forward to this release for years now, and it was my most anticipated English release this year. As a huge fan of the series, I'm very disappointed. I do hope this hypothetical patch actually comes to be.

That Shiny Days screenshot above makes me cringe. Poor censored Kokoro.

If you cannot release the game as it was intended then why bother releasing it at all, as others have said if your translators have moral obligations get new ones. I mean its getting really hard to want to continue to support your company which is known for delay after delay after delay but then to turn around slap your customers in the face in this way is wrong.

You say the scene is getting momentum but as people who are fans of this scene we do NOT want censorship.

Great, I wanted to buy this.
Not gonna happen now; I don't support censorship.
If I want to play a game, I want to play it in the state it was originally (but wouldn't mind if a publisher added fandisc content to a game that is about to release, like in the case of Littlewitch Romanesque).
But this here... good thing I haven't pre-ordered yet.

Because this won't happen now.

"We won't be releasing a patch for the scenes that are removed, though it will certainly appear since the Internet is what it is."

I'm very concerned that hacking scenes back into an interactive movie is sufficiently technically complex that a restoration patch will never happen. That sounds way more complex than swapping some CGs or changing a few lines of dialogue. There's never been a censored release of an interactive movie. There's zero precedent to suggest that restoring the censored scenes is even technically feasible for an unaffiliated third party.